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My buddy and me both bought the c9. I had no jams until I went shooting with him today and wouldn't you know it I had been bragging about not having any jams and then jam.
Both guns would jam on the 8th round. both nose up. I had blazer brass he had winchester. Every time they would jam nose up with the last round. Have had my mag loaded for weeks, have done the mods on the lips and thought "no worries" until today. What could be causing this ?? and on both guns...very weird.

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could be something so simple as limp wristing the shot and not even realizing it.  I may come off as an asshat with this next statement BUT ..I will risk it just based on observations. Most Hi-Point owners I have seen with issues are new to pistols all together. 

Let me tell you a story, 3 weeks ago or so I got another HP c9, when I did I had a friend with me and he got one also. His very first pistol, though he had fired a few in his time. Nothing more then maybe a dozen rounds out of a friends gun here and there. I looked over his mags and even went with him to buy ammo.   He went to the range without me about two days later. He got home and complained he had nothing but fte's and ftf's. He basically was thinking I may of steered him into the wrong purchase. Anywho, I talked with him and gave him some lessons on hand position and limp wristing.

Now mind you I an not the outlaw josey whales here that can sling lead from the hip and whack redlegs all day...BUT ...I explained to him that any give in his wrist even though he may not realize he is doing it will result in taking energy from the weapon on blowback. And doing so results in diminishing the cycle which in doing so will result in fte's and ftf's. 

He went to the range about two days ago taking the advice I gave him and poof ..out of 150 rounds out he had 1 fte :)

His issue had nothing to do with ammo or mags. And believe it or not...those not used to firing a pistol will need to build up some wrist stamina. Maybe what is happening on the last rounds?    I only say that because I think most feel a sense ahh it is over when they know the last round is near and for newer shooters may result in a relaxed posture.

I think maybe concentrating on grip rather target placement would be my first step in analyzing what is going on.

And please, I am not trying to dis anyone's experience with firearms just maybe suggestions that you need to go back to basics, especially in a new to you postol which is a tad top heavy and takes some getting used to ;)
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