James Woods stands strong for the 2 NYPD officers

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    Actor James Woods sounded off Sunday against Al Starpton, President Barack Obama and New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio in the wake of the murder of two NYPD officers over the weekend, taking to Twitter to ask if “race pimp Sharpton” is “eating caviar” following their tragic deaths.

    “I’m putting wings on pigs today” – Cop assassin Ismaaiyl Brinsley,” Woods wrote, quoting the shooter’s horrific comments on social media. “Is Race Pimp Sharpton eating caviar this morning?”

    Woods also reportedly posted and later removed another fiery tweet that read, “This disgusting pig is DIRECTLY responsible for the murder of two good policemen. No discussion,” which was sent along with an image of Sharpton at a protest rally, according to the Daily Caller.

    That was hardly the end of the 67-year-old actor’s commentary, with Woods also lashing out at Obama and de Blasio. Some of his tweets included hashtags like #BlueLivesMatter, #TurnYourBack, #PigSharpton and #DeBlasioResign.

    Here are a few of the other fiery messages Woods sent Sunday:




    The actor also had something to say about the Second Amendment and personal protection:

    (H/T: Daily Mail)
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    James woods just became awesome in my book.

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    Am I the only one here that doesn't have a clue who James Woods is? :confused:
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    Yup. He hasn't been in many shows lately.
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    If you've got grandkids who watch Disney movies, he's the voice of Hades, in the Hercules cartoon
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