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    I have read lots of reviews on the Hi-point weapons, and I'm confused. The reviews from the gun mags say they are very reliable, but the blogs tend to indicate that they jam often.
    What's the truth?
    I was also told by a dealer that they won't shoot JHP ammo without jamming, unless modified. Is that true?
  2. Consider the source. I've been shooting HPs for a number of years and have shot all kinds of ammo including JHP without ANY problems. Thinking back over the last 6-7 years, I think I might have had 1 maybe 2 jams. As for modifying the guns, well I haven't done any of that yet. I like most others here on this forum feel modifying is a personal preferance. As for the dealer saying it won't shoot JHP; tell him to shoot the gun first before making such rash statments.

  3. I bought a JCP 40 about a month ago. The first day out shooting, I had alot of jams. After that I left the clips loaded and gave the gun a real good cleaning because I read the oil the guns have for storage is crap and should be cleaned and oiled with hopps 9. After about a week I went out shooting and ran about 200 rounds through it with out a single jam or FTF. I recommend leaving the clips loaded as soon as you get the gun and a good cleaning + new oil. Many people around this site use JHP ammo although I believe there is a brand with shorter dimensions wich would increase it's failure rate in any firearm. Dealers will tell you whatever it takes to get you to buy a gun with a bigger profit margin.

    Welcome to the site. If you live anywhere around central Michigan I would be more than happy to let you cycle some rounds through my Hi-Point.