January nut plate special at longshot mfg

Discussion in 'Hi-Point Carbines' started by LongShotMfg, Jan 3, 2015.

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    JANUARY SPECIAL - $10.95 w/free shipping. 50% off original price. One-piece aluminum replacement upgrade over the factory-supplied steel nut plates that locate within the stamped receiver shroud.

    No other discounts apply.


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  2. Can you explain why I need this over the factory part?

  3. LongShotMfg

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    You don't "need" this over the factory nut plates. Our Nut Plate provides two functions:
    1. It replaces a lost factory nut plate with a lighter, one-piece plate, instead of the two steel nut plates that were supplied by the factory.
    2. When installed as suggested in the instructions we supply with the item, you would no longer need to remove the receiver shroud in order to swap out or remove top mounted rails. Also, you can remove top rails without fear of the Nut Plate falling into the inner area of the receiver.

    Most HP owners are not going to be swapping out top rails on a regular basis like we do. However, it is handy to have an extra nut plate on hand should you manage to lose one of the factory nut plates at some point. I don't "need" to have two rolls of toilet paper on hand, but it sure provides some peace of mind. .....seems like a good analogy...
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    Don't you know the holidays just passed. We have plenty of nut plates hanging around. How about I send a couple nut plates to you? I will send them for free. All you have to pay is their air fare.