Japanese gun control didn't save them...

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  1. Personally I'd rather be shot by someone on a shooting spree than knifed by someone on a stabbing spree, but that's just me.

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    This isn't so much an indictment against banning guns (it would be if the assailant had use an illegally obtained gun), as it is an indictment against humans who like go out and hurt other humans. Which is why we need personal weapons for self-defense.

    But, yeah, if this happened in here in Kentucky the dude would be riddled with bullet holes. Probably have a couple knives sticking out him to. Maybe some dog bites.

    Hell, I need to get out of Kentucky.
  3. Kagern

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    I was actually pointing out that #*$&ed up people in countries with no guns still manage to kill and maim innocent folks when they want to.
  4. Browwiw, Why the need to get out of Kentucky? Sounds like people could do their own policing on the spot. You plannin on Knifing a bunch of people? Just kidding.

    I'm all for taking care of ones own, strictly in a self defence situation, of course.
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    Yes and I'm sure all those email alerts are going to the good people Tokyo Japan when the next slasher hacker killer goes on a sudden rampant rage