JCP .40 cal -- 2 questions

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    From what I've read, Hi-Points are not that picky about ammo, except maybe certain handloads. Is there ammo that anyone has found to be particularly good (or bad) for a JCP?


    My JCP did not come with the yellow plastic chamber plug. I called Hi-Point and requested one, but for what exactly is this plug used?

    Thanks for the info.


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  2. In my 4095 I use Winchester White box value pack 100 rds per box . So far I have had no problems with the ammo / 4095 . :D
    The yellow plug is to show that the chamber is empty , I threw the one that came with my 4095 away.

  3. I do not use the yellow plugs because I have been shooting for years and have my own safety system.

    But they would be helpful for someone new to firearms to use to help them know that their firearm does not have a round in the chamber.

    You cannot be too safe, it only takes once.
  4. My yellow plug is in the same bag as the lock that came with my 995. I only kept them to laugh about and prove that our society has become insane. It is not the manufacturers responsibility to be safe with MY property; it is MY responsibility. Should I choose to lock/not lock my firearm--no one should bear any culpability except me. :wink:

    (the only real use I can see for the yellow plug is to demonstrate that the arm is empty because the bolt doesn't lock open, I can do the same thing with a pencil, pen, etc. I think trigger locks are an answer to an unnecessary question)
  5. You can lock the bolt open on both of the carbines by using the sleeve on the bolt handle
  6. I thought it was supposed to, but mine slips loose and the bolt closes. I didn't think this was important enough to worry about. Maybe the recess in the receiver cover is undersize or the sleeve is a bit oversize; since the bolt isn't designed to remain open after the last shot I dismissed it. :?: :?:
  7. Are you wanting the barrel plug just for safety reasons or just because you don't like a closed bolt on an unloaded gun?
  8. If that was addressed to me, none of the above. I was thinking about the carbine being on a table, for sale for instance, and wanting to demonstrate that it was, in fact, unloaded. As I said above, my funny plug is in the same bag the trigger lock is. The 995 is in the safe, magazine loaded, chamber empty, bolt closed, and the safe door open as I type this. No young'uns in this house to worry about.

  9. Oh ok, so it's for "presentation" purposes.... That's cool and totally understandable.
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    I don't understand the above statement. I'm new to the 995. How do you lock the bolt open by using the"sleeve on the bolt handle"?

  11. UPDATE:

    I've fired my carbine about 200 rounds since I last tried to lock the bolt open. Evidently there was a burr, or something needed to work in, so I just checked it because of our conversation above^^.

    It now seems to lock open rather securely. Maybe after I get home tomorrow from shooting it again (with 2 friends who've never shot a 995 or any Hi-Point), I'll clean it. It should have about 900-1000 rounds through it, it might be ready to clean; think so? :)
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    Eventho I did post this in the wrong forum (should've been pistols), I thank you for the info. I called Hi-Point to request a plug, and a package arrived today with 3. Don't know if I'll use it, but now I can say I have it and with 2 spares!