JCP 40 S&W mags interchangeability

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    I am sure this has been answered,but I could not find anything using the search feature:confused::confused:.Am I correct that the 4095 carbine mag will interchange with the 40 S&W JCP pistol ????? Thanks, Doug
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    I do it all the time -- no problem

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    Thank you very much. Doug
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    If you are an NRA member and get the American Rifleman, check out the ads near the back pages. I've seen a few ads there for HiPoint Firearms and one of the selling points is the interchangeability of mags with the 4095TS/JCP40 and the 4595TS/JHP45 firearms. My B-I-L bought the .40cal "matched set" last year at a gun show and the dealer used the ability to swap mags as a major selling point!! Too bad it isn't the case (both ways) for the 9mm pistol and carbine.:mad: TG
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    They "work" but not always reliably, and they aren't designed to do so, like the .40 and .45 are.