JCP .40 vs c9

Discussion in 'Hi-Point Pistols' started by Brando, Oct 28, 2014.

  1. Brando

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    pros and cons on each?

    I own the JCP and was recently offered a trade for a c9 in the same condition. thoughts?
  2. bluharley

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    I have the JCP, not the 9mm. I was browsing ammo at WallyWorld today, $10 box of 9mm, $15 for the .40. I wouldn't trade my JCP away, but I would like to get a 9mm someday.

  3. wganz

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    JCP - physically larger and harder to conceal carry, Hi-Points have always been a challenge to use as a CCW* since they have to have big/thick/heavy slides due to being a blow back design. Ammo may be a bit more expensive but more available.
    C9 - smaller, about Glock 19 size, still fairly thick slide, could be a CCW with some effort & attention to detail with wardrobe though personally I carry either a Glock 22 or a Kahr CW45.

    Really boils down on what caliber you want to shoot and, if you reload, then .40S&W brass may be available free due to lack of interest by everyone else in it.

    Ends up being a wash and what you want to have.

    * Concealed Carry Weapon
  4. Brando

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    any comments on accuracy? the c9 has an inch shorter barrel
  5. Moestooge

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    The modest price of Hi-Points means you could own one of each. If money is tight, throw $1 bills and spare change into a jar to make it happen. The cash adds up quickly.
  6. undeRGRound

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    The C9 has a greater tendency to have problems, like needing slide polished and tweaking magazine feed lips. The JCP rarely if ever has these problems reported. My JCP and JHP have been flawless, but my first C9 (1995) was a mixed bag. Wished I would have kept it, but I sold it for full value. The JCP and JHP are both under 2 years old. The JCP also has 100% mag compatibility with the 4095, as does the JHP and 4595. The C9/995 is not the same, but some have reported fair use of the 995 mags in the C9, not perfect, but acceptable. I'd buy my own C9 if you really want one, the one he wants to trade may be because of ramp or mag problems...
    Plus, the JCP is a pricier weapon. Consider that.
  7. wganz

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    at pistol range, it won't be that big of a deal. They have a fixed barrel which gives them an accuracy edge over the tilt barrel design that the great Apostle John Mose Browning made for the 1911 and other lesser designs such as the Glock and XD.
  8. They are all fun

    I Have a c9 and a JHP45 they run super. I did have a little problem with the C9
    but I was able to break it in and a new mag from mom cured all the issues.
    I like my Hi Points so much that I purchased a 995TS and just this past Saturday I pick up a CF380 from my favorite local Shop. Took it out today into the Sonoran Desert ( Just south of Tucson AZ) Out of the box brand Spankin' new the CF380 worked without a hitch. At 50 feet It shot a little low and to the left. Adjusted the sights and now I am putting 3" groups in the middle of the target.
    These Guns are pure fun at a very reasonable price. I also own Smith and Wesson and Taurus and Tanfoglio AKA EAA Witness also a Ruger. Beretta . I think I just love hand guns but I could have save a lot of Money if I brought Hi Point First. Shoot 'em and Enjoy 'em.
  9. ajole

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    NE Utah
    In your situation. if the JCP works fine and you like the ammo, stay with it. I really do like the big frames better than the little ones, even though my hands are sorta smallish.

    If you REALLY want $2-$7 per box lower cost ammo for target shooting, the C9 is better, assuming it runs well. If it doesn't, tweaking the mags should fix it, and if it doesn't fix it, a trip to mom will.

    If your wanting to conceal carry, the C9 is better, though not great.

    Used, they cost the same in my AO, but new, the JCP is $10-$25 more.
  10. I have both the C9 and JCP to me both are nice pistols. When I got them I polished the feed ramp of both and I have not had any issues with them.

    The JCP is a lot bigger than the C9 but for what I use it for (shooting at the range and just for fun) I don't mind the larger size. I bought the JCP because it was a great price and I didn't have anything in 40 cal. But now I wish I would have gotten another C9, the price of ammo for me is the biggest thing.

    I prefer the 9mm anyway it will do anything I need it to do so I'm a little bias.

    But like Ajole said it depends on how much you want to pay for ammo and what you want to do with the pistols.
  11. Back2School

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    I have the C9 and S&W .40 as well. I hated the price difference in ammo but I found freedom munitions and their price for .40 was close to 9mm. Like $15 difference for 500.

    Lots of people on here seem to like them. It may be worth a shot.