Jcp40 ftf?

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    I tried a lot of would ALWAYS FTF the top round (and often, curiously,the 8th)...I tried the mag feed lip adjustment, and then took a file to it, to round the edges of the feed lips so they were not cutting into the shell case as aggressively...left the mag stacked for a protracted length of time, as recommended by some...cleaned the powder coat off the feed ramp...nothing helped.

    I'm a little compulsive about cleaning, I never put a gun away after a session without clean and lube.

    Just by chance, I started putting the JCP back in the box after cleaning lying on it's left side, rather than on the right, as they come from the factory.

    It spits perfectly every time now. I don't claim to understand why. Lube got into someplace that needed it, I suppose. Anyway, give it a try, if you're at your wit's end.
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    Or it just is broken-in now.

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    Is that jeffco as in jeffco mo?