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Jed, a 49'er, had had enough of the hills and decided to go to a nearby saloon for a drink and some female companionship. He walked in and sat at the bar and asked for a shot of whiskey and inquired where he might find a woman.
The bartender slapped down a glass, poured his whiskey and informed Jed that there was not a solitary woman in town. He looked around the bar and leaned into Jed, winked and said, "No women, but we got 'ol Joe out back."
Jed slammed his drink quickly and looked disdainfully at the bartender. "I don't go for that crap!" And he headed for the hills.
Months passed and Jed was successful in his mining efforts, so he headed back to town for a drink and some tail. "Same sad story, Jed. I got your whiskey, and there still ain't no women, but we still got 'ol Joe."
"I told you the last time, I don't go for that crap!" And off he rode.
A month passed and Jed was desperate, so he went to town, finding nothing but the bartender and a saloon full of men. He had his drink, another, and then another and looked at the bartender and asked, "So just who all's gonna know if I decide to visit 'ol Joe?"
"Just you, me, and a couple of other fellas."
"What do mean a couple of other fellas!!?"
The bartender looked at Jed and grinned, "Yeah, you, me, and a couple of other fellas 'cause 'ol Joe, he don't go for that crap either!"
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