Jennings 9 (uh oh)

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    Hey again, i have a Bryco/Jennings Model Nine 9mm handgun. Ive had it for a while after a trade off my brother for 3 gallons of gas. anyway it would always jam after 2 shots. also the mag wont stay in i think due to a week mag release pin. anyway i heard that the jennings nine is actully chambered for .380 (which in Europe is a 9mm short) but i also herd that if its a Bryco/Jennings 9mm, than it is chambered to 9mm luger. i shot 9mm from it before so it has to be 9mm right!? also does anyone have any info on this gun or own one? thanks alot!
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    WOW. read the firearm...
    If it says only "9mm", you've got a 9mm...

    BUT If it says the following: "9 mm Short", "9 mm Browning", "9 mm Kurz", "9 mm Corto", "9x17mm" then you have a ".380 ACP"

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    +1 to this. What's written on the actual gun?
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    yea i know, it says "9mm" but in other forums the guys were saying that the Jennings company put "9mm" on there guns and didnt care that they actully fired a .380. it was like a loop-hole i guess. they like that it was a 9mm even tho that ment a european 9mm short. but like i was saying i think that is only meant for the just Jennings 9mm. mine is a bryco/jennings 9mm which i heard does fire the 9mm luger.
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    This is what i do not like to hear... "I own a firearm, and don't know what ammo is fires." There's not a big size difference in 9mm vs .380, but by god there is a big 'ol difference in pressures and projectile weights... If you don't know what YOUR firearm fires, take it to a shop and SELL it.
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    no, i know this one has to be a 9mm luger cause i fired that from it before. im just saying that older model 9mm actully fire .380. i just wanted to know if anyone out there owned one
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    I have heard they made a .380 that was labeled as a 9mm. I guess technically they are correct, but it's very misleading. You can get some info on your gun here:
    That company is one of the gun makers that make what are considered cheap=junk saturday night specials. I'd like to pickup their .22 auto just because is has my name on it, but wouldn't pay much for it.
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    I would STRONGLY suggest taking this arm to a competent gunsmith or large market dealer to have it examined. While there have been ISOLATED incidents in the early 90's where some of the Bryco consortium 9mm's were actually mislabeled as such, this is VERY rare. If your pistol were meant to fire .380 and you're firing 9mm, for whatever level of doubt...STOP! Do NOT fire the gun anymore until you can get TOTAL assurance of such. Firing a 9mm Luger in a .380 casing will cause massive problems that will lead to a breech failure and that could get ugly. (i.e. the gun exploding in your hands).

    In short: Shelf the gun and get it check out by a professional ASAP! While we have some competent gunsmiths on this board and a wealth of experience, you should NEVER fire any weapon when there is a doubt to the loads which it uses. Depending on where you live, there shouldn't be any trouble locating a reputable gunsmith who will gladly check it out.
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    I've heard of people using foreign made 9mm rounds in their 9mm lugar pistols and having problems with jamming cause they were 9mm kurz rounds, but I just assumed it wasn't even possible to shoot the longer 9mm luger shells out of a pistol chambered for .380 kind of like with the .38 special/.357 mag difference. I would be curious to find out if anyone here knows for sure. As previously stated, you would be wise to find out for certain what round your gun is designed for before shooting it anymore.

    9x19 : 9mm parabellum, 9mm Luger, 9mm NATO
    9x18 : 9mm Makarov
    9x17 : .380 ACP, 9mm short, 9mm kurz, 9mm corto, 9mm Browning short
  11. Take it to a gunsmith and have the chambering measured. That way there is no doubt as to what type of round your weapon is actually chambered for.
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    Gunsmith for sure!
  13. Gunsmith - definitely - absolutely - indispensably - required.

    Don't have him merely check the chambering, but the entire gun - especially the barrel. If it's been fired using the wrong ammo, there may be some damage done that would require repair or replacement for safe (or reliable) operation.
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    Heck where's your sense of adventure? I think he already knows what the gun is anyhow. He just wanted to hookup with someone who also had that gun.
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    after looking at a .380 vs a 9mm i cant see how a 9mm would chamber in a .380. just wouldnt fit. A 380 could conciveably chamber and fire in a 9mm but i wouldnt want to pull the trigger

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    Ya that's my thinking on it too. Kinda like trying to put a .357 mag round in a .38 special. The story I heard was from someone thinking they had 9x19 9mm lugar rounds and found out they were the 9x18 9mm Makarov. Things fired through their 9mm lugar, but they had all kinds of jams. A 9mm lugar round simply wont chamber in a gun made for .380 so the guy answered his own question when he said he already had shot lugar rounds through it. If anyone has a HP .380 and 9mm just fill the clip with lugar rounds and see if you can chamber a few rounds through your .380 lol We got any adventurers in the crowd?
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    9mm won't chamber in a .380. A .380 shell will actually fit inside a 9mm shell.
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    In some older guns they put 9mm on them because it shoots a 9x17... The guns I have seen that shoot .380 that said 9mm on the side are Hi-Standards from the WWII time period. (Navy issue) This would have been before 9mm parabellum being the standard 9mm.
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    One more for ya

    9x23 9mm Largo