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    Friend of mine told me his 22 would jam every other shot, so I volunteered to look at it after I told him to tweak the mag and he had no idea what I was talking about.

    Reality, I can't even get one round to load in correct.......doing the usual, cleaning it out, polishing what I can, trying to figure out how to get the mag apart to check the spring.

    But everything I took apart on this, other stuff just fell off............I am not sure i even want to test fire this thing, just appears to be a scary weapon, but it look totally cool with the faux wood grips and chrome gun.

    I am thinking of going to wally world and getting some ammo that has a more rounded front, the only stuff i have is that black winchester stuff
  2. I assume you have already checked the gun for cracks. IIRC the Jimenez magazines are the same, and you could try a new mag. I like 22's but never trust them to load reliably, that is why I don't own one, YET. From reviews I have seen, FTF are common with that model.

  3. I owned a few of these back in the late 80's all had problems if you want try Cci Mini mags that is what the factory always suggest to use in them but don't expect any miracles
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    What was falling off on it? If you mean the slide internals or the sliding safety (if it is an early model) then that's normal because none of the slide internals are captive. It's built that way. Don't pull the trigger with the slide off either because your sear and sear spring may take flight.

    Mags on the J22 are stamped and aren't made to come apart. Just spray it out with a plastic friendly solvent (so your follower doesn't melt) and then compress the spring a few times to check if the mag is still good, then adjust the feed lips accordingly. Otherwise new mags for it can be bought from Jimenez Arms for about $14 or so.

    As far as ammo goes, they require consistently loaded ammo to function correctly because of the heavy spring weight. This means CCI Minimags, CCI Standard, and possibly Remington golden bullets. Forget Federal bulk ammo (known to slam fire, trust me) and anything made by Winchester. Anything loaded inconsistently or subsonic is basically guaranteed not to extract or eject.

    Keep it clean and very lightly lubed and it'll be fine. Make sure to lube all slide contact points, the firing pin channel, the sear, and the cam for best results. The last two aren't really important for function but will help the trigger to feel lighter.
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    playing with the mag, the bullets just dont seem to be angled right to me......will look at some diffferent ammo, this thing honestly just seems to be a piece of junk.................unfortunately he has no clue how many shots have been fired through it
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    They're alright, just not anything special. The one I had actually worked pretty well with the right ammo. That said, if I were buying a .22lr pistol for defense, it'd be one of the last ones on my list for a handful of reasons.
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    I have one of the Jennings 22's. I was able to get it to cycle with a heavier load like the CCI Min Mags.
  8. Kiln is spot on with his posts, I would've said the same thing if he hadn't beaten me to it. I will repeat his caution "Do NOT use Federal ammo in it" because it will slam fire. Best results are with CCI Minimags as others have said.
  9. I have a few of these pistols, and the 2 best loads I have found are Remington Thunderbolts and CCI Mini mags.

    Contact Jimenez and have him order a new magazine or 2 for a JA 22, as they are less prone to feed issues. There is no take down for them, so a plastic safe solvent, push the follower up and down with a cleaning rod, gently, a few times, spray a little more solvent in, and run a patch in and out a few times, then lightly oil a fresh patch, repeat the process followed with an dry one.

    There are minor fixes to make it more reliable. Trim the recoil spring one coil to reduce the pressure (allows you to use lighter loads if you want to.), stone about a 16th to an 8th inch notch into the bottom of the chamber. not so much that it affects accuracy, just enough to make it less than a 90 degree angle. Tweak the lips of the magazine for better feeding.

    The rounds in the magazine are going to look like they don't sit right, even with the new magazines. Push the top one so the nose is almost at the notch in the front of the magazine, and it will chamber. The next round will get bumped to a more nose up angle by the slide coming back, and it will slide free as the slide comes forward, so it is almost a non issue. If the lips of the mag are properly adjusted, all should go well from there.

    The design of the pistol is similar to that of a Hi Point in that the slide rides on the recoil spring\barrel and the rear "Dolls Head\Frame lock". Stone at rough edges from the round and flat parts pf the lock to reduce drag on the slide, and lightly oil both before reassembly.

    They are not great pistols, and they are definitely not anything that I would call a top tier PDW, but they can be very accurate for what they are. They are a good intr to pistol shooting option. I also have a JA 380 and a JA Nine that are in my caary rotation that I am more than willing to bet my life on after the simple fixes i have used on the Jennings, Jimenez, Bryco, and raven Pistols, as well as my AR 7s.

    Jimenez Arms Site:

    Good luck, and let me know how it turns out or if you have any questions.
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    thanks, about half way through a lot of that, will adjust the recoil spring, cant hurt. It is literally took an hour of polishing and working the spring just to get it to cycle two or three rounds.

    I am wondering if maybe it just needs 300 or 400 rounds to break in, he has no idea how many have been fired,
  11. Can't hurt SDB. I never had to do it with any of mine (4 so far), but all were used and had at least 600 rounds through them before I got them. The J 22 that was mom's (1st safety pattern) had God only knows what the round count was before dad bought it for her. Most folks out there sell them off with less than 100 rounds through them, and it takes at least twice that to really loosen any semi-auto up.
  12. The Jennings .22 is fussy with ammo, I know trying to find out why mine had feed problems, my Dad had the same experience when we both were FFL dealers and gave them a try. I found the solution with using Ely .22 ammo. I had the same issue with my Ruger Standard for many a years and Ely feeds just fine in it.
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    well, tried multiple brands of ammo, tweaking the mags every direction.......I have come to the conclusion, this thing is a POS
  14. Some are like that, I've got one right now that refuses to function correctly. I keep at it, I may never get it right but I enjoy effing around with them.
    Don't throw it out, send it my way.

    Or, got have a look over at the BJJA forum, there is one specific to J22s.
    Here's the link:

    EDIT: I re-read your first post. Is the chamber peened over from dry firing? That will cause all sorts of feeding problems.