Jennings or Bryco 9mm

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  1. Who owns one? How does it shoot? New or used? Is it reliable? How much did you pay for it?
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    Had a jennings 380 years ago. Was pretty much a POS but i only paid 65$ for it. Around 500 rounds it started falling apart.


  3. I have a Bryco Arms Jennings Nine 9MM. I bought it a year ago used. Paid $129 for it. Purchased an extra magazine for it for $15.

    It shoots very well, but at my CCW class I used it at the range and the only issue I had was I had the magazine fall out. I had it loaded with 5 rounds, after the 4th round the magazine fell out to the ground and the 5th round jammed between the slide and barrel. I worked the slide and got the 5th round, picked up the magazine and loaded it with the 5th round and finished my round. Now I had shot the pistold before and didn't have this issue, but I had only shot 12 rounds through it.

    I figured that what had happened was the recoil caused my locking thumbs to engage the magazine release. But, since then I have went to the range and shot it again, making sure that my thumbs stayed away from the magazine release. Shot 4 rounds and the magazine dropped. It didn't come all the way out. It dropped just enough that it didn't pick up the 5th round. I drove it home and continued to shoot. Again it dropped down, but not all the way.

    So, right now I am trying to decide if I want to order a new magazine release and spring and see if that is the issue or what.

    The Jennings Nine IS NOT MY CCW pistol.

    I carry my Hi-Point C9 and will also have a Llama Mini Max Sub Compact 45 ACP to carry as well. For my C9 I have two holsters for it...I have a Uncle Mike's #15 Ambidextrous Hip Holster w/extra mag pouch and a Uncle Mike's SideKick #15 horizontal shoulder holster. I am looking at getting the Fobus Paddle Holster for the C9.

    The Bryco Jennings Nine 9MM is a fun gun to shoot. I just wouldn't use it as a self defense weapon. Some people have good ones that never seem to have any issues and some just have lemons. I think a lot of it can also be attributed to how well someone takes care of their firearms.
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    Here is my only experiene with one. A friend of mine had bought one brand new a few years ago, but had never fired it. I told him I was going to the range and he wanted to tag along so he could finally fore it along with a Glock 30 he got from his father. We went to the range and he started with the Jennings 9mm. He fired his first shot, it went bang, and then promptly locked up. The slide wouldn't fully close on the next round. We manually cycled the slide a few times, but same result. We put it aside and continued to shoot his Glock and my JCP. I doubt my experience was typical, but there it is. There are many over on their forum who have had much greater luck with their's.
  5. ok, I bought one new back 15 years ago. still have it not because it is worth a dang, because I cant get pieces for it. never got to shoot a box of ammo through it. looks great dont work at all. some may have good luck with them, I didnt and wont buy another one. just my own story.
  6. big Jim T,

    Have you looked at Numerich Gun Parts Corp for parts?

    Their web address is:

    They carry parts for just about any gun out there. My Catalog #26 has my Jennings Nine in it and a few other Jennings, Raven, etc. Of course now they have like #28 or #29 catalog out now. But you may be able to find what you want or need on their website.
  7. So nobody thinks a new Jenning or Bryco would be reliable?
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    "Buy a real gun"
    If you want to save some money, BERSA/Firestorms are great... they're a real gun minus the big price tag. PLUS you will not get b/s from the snobs at the range when you go. If you want to go a little step farther, get a Rock Island Armory 1911... S&W Sigma... or whatever, stop by every pawn shop and look at what they have, heck, hold one or two of them... the possibilties are endless...
    Reliability is not an issue, it's the notoriety that comes with cheap handguns. When i say cheap i'm speaking of the price, not quality.
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    some folks think that hipoints look beautiful, and others think they are ugly as sin. Beauty is in the eye of the beerholder, and if you are making your decision on what has more bling, then i cannot help you out. You've got to practice being decisive. It's either yes or no. You'r not crazy... heck. look in my signature and see what the only "Real gun" i have is... A RUGER 10-22, the cheapest model (carbine) . So i'm with you 100% on being frugal, but don't be careless.
  11. I am similar to you except that I would rather have 3 300 dollar guns than 1 1000 dollar gun.

    The only realy cheap guns I would consider would be the PA63, CZ52, CZ82, Nagant pistol (ammo pricey!), Bersa, Keltec, Hipoint. I"m missing some I know, but honestly, having a stable full of the "ring of fire" guns isn't appealing.

    Milsurps are much better than the ring of fire guns, get one of those if you want really cheap.

  12. Gotcha, I just liked the looks of the Jimenez 9mm in chrome or satin chrome. The grip looks comfortable too. I was hoping to find a new one.
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    I can't say. My only experience with Jennings type firearms falls in the mousegun category. The design does have its share of supporters among the SNS enthusiasts though.
    Worse case scenario, you find one that isn't functional. If you buy one new from Jimenez, I hear their customer service is good. So you could send it back to be worked on, and then turn around and sell it on a gun auction site and not be out much except some of your time.

    I saw on the other thread that you're going with a CZ-52 for now, with a 9mm replacement barrel.
    Be sure to post about the installation, and how well the 9mm conversion works in the pistol
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    Buy 2 $500 guns or 3 $300 guns. :wink:
  16. After watching a new Bryco 9mm on youtube being fired I dont think I would want one just yet, looks like it would need to be worked on a little.
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    Neither, damn near the same piece of crap with different name. My idea ofa gun is a tool to kill the subject I have aimed it at, not the idiot aiming it. Just my opinion.
  18. I wouldn't go with either brand personally.
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    Run .. Run as fast as you can from a Jennings, Bryco, Jimenez. These guns are pieces of shit. Do a google for jimenez and see what you learn. I have seen the slide come off while firing, mags will fall out for no reason. They are jam-a-ramas. Jimenez are Saturday night specials. That used to mean that if the metal melted at 1100 degrees F it was legally termed a SNS. The Jimenez guns are nothing more than a renamed Jennings. Jimenez Arms was formed from the wreckage of Bryco Arms, which declared bankruptcy after a court awarded damages to someone injured by one of their defective handguns.Bryco Arms declared bankruptcy in 2003 as a result of losing a lawsuit filed in Oakland, California and which resulted in a jury award of a record $24 million judgment against Bryco Arms. The lawsuit stemmed from an injury to a then 7-year old boy named Brandon Maxfield received from a 12-year old who was attempting to unload the 380 ACP version of the Bryco Arms Model 38. The 12 year old pulled the trigger with a round still in the gun while it was pointed at Maxfield. The ensuing negligent discharge paralyzed Brandon Maxfield from the neck down. The LA Times reported on Feb. 4, 2005, that the California Department of Justice ordered Jimenez Arms (which is based in Costa Mesa) to stop manufacturing the JA-9 pistol on Jan. 13 of this year. Also due to California ordering them to stop manufacturing weapons, they moved it to Henderson Nevada. Bryco Arms was a firearm manufacturing company based at various times in Carson City, Nevada, Irvine, California, and Costa Mesa, California. The company's most famous product was the Bryco Arms Model 38 semi-automatic pistol, available in both 32 ACP and 380 ACP calibers (also known as the P-38). The company was owned by Bruce Jennings.

    Jennings Firearms was another brand name for the company's products, having been started in 1978 by Bruce Jennings as an earlier incarnation of what became Bryco Arms, but which also remained a recognizable brand name for Bryco Arms for many years even while Bryco Arms used its own brand name for firearms. Possibly most known for producing the both popular and yet infamous Jennings J-22 pistol in .22lr caliber.

    Jimenez Arms (also known as "J.A." was started in August of 2004 by Paul Jimenez, the former plant manager of Bryco Arms. He purchased the molds and machinery from Bryco Arms in June of 2004 and is currently making four models of the firearms. They are now operating in Henderson, Nevada.Bryco's former foreman, Paul Jimenez, bought the bankrupt Bryco Arms for $510,000 in August 2004, and renamed the company Jimenez Arms. The former Model 380 (the 380 ACP version of the Model 38) was renamed the JA-380, and production of the same semi-automatic pistol design was resumed.

    The soon-to-be-named Jimenez Arms (JA) was purchased by Paul Jimenez and resumed operation in Costa Mesa, California and resumed manufacturing operations. The weapons were re-engineered to improve their safety. The JA-NINE, the former Bryco Arms Model 380 (renamed the JA-380), the former Jennings J-22 (renamed the JA-22 LR), and the Jennings J-25 (renamed the JA-25 Auto) quickly became the only firearms currently manufactured by the company.

    The California Attorney General ordered Jimenez Arms to stop producing arms in Costa Mesa, California on August 22, 2006. As a result, the company has moved to Nevada. A business license was granted on August 30, 2006 for Jimenez Arms to commence operation in Henderson, Nevada, and production has resumed there.

    Sorry for the long post. I just wanted you to know what was up with those weapons. I am normally not one to bash a weapon but can't help it on this one.
  20. Dang, thank's the info, that was a good read.