Jericho season 2

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    For a season opener it wasnt too bad. we saw how the battle ended and watched a bunch of politicking. a littel suspense with the whole hawkins part wasnt bad either, leading into a split storyline. there was the obligatory scene to draw in teh female viewers but not so much it detracted from the rest (like much of last season). i give it 8 of 10.


  2. I was confused, why exactly did Hawkins run the tank in front of the train? But other than that I thought it was pretty good. I have been waiting for this show to come back on. I hope they keep it going.

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    He stopped the train that was carrying reinforcements from New Bern. I noticed several of the characters are not in the show the deaf girl and the young guy and girl who ran the store...unless they were out of this one right now as ell as Jake's mom isn't on either
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    The woman who ran the supermarket was stabbed to death late in season 1, IIRC...after she broke off the deal with those guys out of town.

    Yeah, no view of Jake's mom, either...and I dont know, but it seemed like the way Jake and Eric were talking about her, she was gone...dont know if she left town or what, but they only mention their father being killed...

    Granted, everything we saw took place in around 48 hours after the battle, so it might just be they are at the clinic taking care of the wounded or part of them...hopefully we'll see more of them next week...
  5. Jake and Eric said that their mom was at the ranch.
  6. Yeah, I'm pretty sure we'll see Jake and Eric's mom later on, as well as Dean (the storeowning kid) and his popular girlfriend (whose friends seem to have disappeared). The actor who plays Dean posted on the Jericho forums and sounded really enthus'ed. I doubt he would be if he weren't in the season.

    I was hoping we'd see more of the result of Hawkin's parking the tank on the tracks. We see the train hit it, but none of the result except a very quick image of the coal car toppeling.

    I'm hoping I can buy one of those Cheyenne flag patches the marine's are wearing at some point in the future. They look pretty cool.

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    I'm hoping I can buy one of those Cheyenne flag patches the marine's are wearing at some point in the future. They look pretty cool.

    I don't know if they can legally sell them like that. There are certain laws pertaining to the flag. Being on a fictional show is one thing selling them to the public is another
  8. I thought the season opener was pretty good.
    Im not sure of what to make of the soldier Beck but I think he may be a good guy. Time will tell.
    The new "Allied States of America" flag looks like a hybrid between the
    US Civil flag (which happens to be my avatar) and a modified colonial flag.
    interesting design. I don't see how it would be illegal for it to be sold as it is the flag of a fictional nation, the ASA, not the USA.
  9. Ridge

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    Well its a pretty safe bet that if the train was old enough to use coal and it impacted a state of the art Abrams tank hard enough to fold it in half, that the loco is probably destroyed, and the train is derailed...
  10. Yeah, but I was just expecting to see at least a shot of the New Bern passengers stumbling out of the wreckage or something.

    Oh, and I was mistaken, the kid who owns the shop isn't named Dean (apparently I've been watching too much Supernatural lately), his name is Dale.