Jericho Third Season Still Possible

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    April 8, 2008 - At this point, any news of Jericho's demise should be considered exaggerated. Once a show proves that it can rise from the ashes based on fan support – it becomes a unique commodity in television. While Jericho's audience might not be CSI-sized – they are far from the regular casual viewers. They are dedicated, and they'll follow the series wherever it goes. Exploiting the value of such an audience is just good business – and it looks like others are starting to figure that out.

    Possibly taking a page from the book used by Friday Night Lights, CBS Paramount is – allegedly – looking into a deal with cable provider Comcast. According to a report in the New York Times, discussions have already been underway involving a possible deal to revive Jericho. This certainly seems to go along with what Jericho producer Carol Barbee said, when she referred to such talks.

    "All right, let's go close that Comcast deal!"

    Comcast, which serves roughly 24 million subscribers, would likely get an exclusive window on broadcasting the series – though at the moment it's not sure where the show would end up following that window. In the cast of the Friday Night Lights deal, those episodes will ultimately air on NBC after the exclusive window with DirecTV. While the Comcast/Jericho deal is unofficial, and sounds far from certain – questions remain as to whether the series will continue in some form on CBS – or will there be more movement as the deal changes?

    One thing is for sure, the show is interesting to many parties – and not just the fans. There is money to be made from this audience, who has proven itself extraordinarily loyal and supportive – and one thing the television business knows how to do is find the money. While Jericho fans will surely be following this news closely (as will we) – it'll also be interesting to watch if this sets a precedent for shows that develop an audience on network TV but cannot sustain network expectations.
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    Thanks for that, Ridge.

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    I would not be surprised to see it picked up on one of the "cable channels". There is a lot more story to tell. I am not the only one who saw the "series finally" and thought it left off in such a way that someone was in talks to continue it somewhere.

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    Sorry but i don't see the ressurection anymore. A lot of folks just didn't want this show at all in the first place and would like to see it forgotten.

    It was making too many think!!