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  1. Ridge

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    Thank God!!! Great show they cancelled at the biggest part of the season!

  2. You beat me to the post Elguapo! :D
    I've been consoling myself with season 1 on DVD and I'm glad to see it coming back finally. The time slot kind of worries me, but maybe it will be a good thing with NCIS and The Unit as lead-ins. It just seems a little late to me. I hope it gets put of there so fans know it's back.
  3. I needto get back into that show. I was addicted to it for awhile.
  4. Glad to hear it. I really like that show.
  5. YEAH !!! It's been too long!

    SHOOTER Z Well-Known Member

    Of course they will put it at a later time slot! They don't want the ratings to get any better. CBS WANTS IT GONE!!! I repeat they want it gone they would prefer it never came back so they can show more of their reality crap THAT"S what gets the ratings because it is cheaper to do surviver or all the other junk.

    And people are foolish enough to want that crap too!!!
  7. elguapo

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    Well, with the writer's strike going on right now, Jericho is THE only show ready to rock right now.
  8. xlh883

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    Why was it cancelled in the first place?
    Because it was not politically correct? Too much violence and gun toting folks?
  9. elguapo

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    It was "replaced" with "Kid Nation", apparently ANOTHER reality TV show. We brought it back, at least the 7 show finale. That cliffhanger was bad :( . Weather or not it picks up next season remains to be seen.
  10. Ridge

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    It was cancelled because they said the ratings were bad...but now its following a popular show, so hopefully lots of fat asses will lose their remotes and be forced to either watch whats on or actually get up...
  11. rodka

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    is that show any good this forum got me into survivalism and i caught a commercial a while back and it got me intersted.
  12. Ridge

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    Not so much...its more about politics and general do occasionally see some survival stuff, like when they go into Rogue River, they are somewhat tactical about it...
  13. Ok Folks! This coming Tuesday Night at 10pm on CBS,
    It's Back!!!!
    I can't wait! Dont forget.

    SHOOTER Z Well-Known Member

    YUP YUP YUP If I can't watch it I'll tape it so I can watch it later
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    I think it is Fair to say that this silly little post of yours that made me check just May have been the one post that has saved me from getting very PO'd.

    I have no concept of time any more and believe I would be watching a prevew the day after had this post not came up.

    You sir have done a good deed and thus can so on your new bay scout patch
  16. Well, I finally earned a merit badge! I never could get the hang of the knot tying.LOL
    But in all seriousness, I'm the same way when it comes to trying to remember when a show airs. I'm glad I helped.
    It would suck to miss this considering how long we waited for it.
  17. elguapo

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    In Jeritopia (a fan forum/chat) last night: Carol Barbee was on, answering questions about the show. Tonight, it was Matt Federmann, one of the main writers. Friday night, is Jon Steinberg, another writer of the series.

    Here is the link to 'topia: