Jerk lawyer Vs US Marine

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  2. That guy should be put out of business. Everyone has a right to their own opinion but keying somebodies car is just childish.

  3. Too bad he knows how to game the system. a felony may get him disbarred, and then he can go work for Starbucks. :)

    Maybe a formal complaint to the bar association would be possible.
  4. That guy is a total arsehole. Eventually the soldiers and vets are going to get totally fed up with these scumbags berating, mistreating, and vandalizing them.
    You only push a soldier so far before they start pushing back.
    That lawyer needs some massage therapy with a lead pipe.
  5. Google Jay R. Grodner and you'll see he's getting all kinds of bad press. His phone lines to his law office have been disconnected (too many harrassing phone calls perhaps). Even if the marine loses this case, this jerk has, and will continue to, lose alot of buisness. Anytime someone's looking for info on him before hiring him they will see all sorts of crap. I for one would never hire someone with this much bad press concerning any issue, especially anti-military actions such as this.
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    Perhaps we could get the courts to send the lawyer to Iraq in the SGT's place so that he can proceed with his case, or maybe the lawyer could go over with the Marines that will accompany the SGT by ship, so there will be sufficient time for the lawyer to get "SEASICK"
    Just a thought
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    what a complete a hole.
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    The winner is going to wish he had used his head! His phones are down, his cell phone is off and his website is offline. People other then those of his same kind will never hire him for anything. If you google him as was said earlier, the 1st mess of post are all about this issue. He is done in the legal profession.

    Good riddence to bad rubbish!!
  9. Its so sad that when people are against an upopular war they take it out on the soldiers, who gave an oath to sever their country, no matter what the circumstances.
  10. I just googled Jay R. Grodner and got 21 pages with only 1 entry to this arseholes website.

    Sucks to be a ruined man doesn't it? That's what you get when you 'eff with a Marine.