JetBlue offering free flights for officers wishing to attend NYPD funerals

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    JetBlue airlines plans to offer free flights to police officers across the country who want to attend the funerals for the fallen NYPD cops over the weekend, the company said Wednesday.

    Two cops from each department will be allowed to fly at no charge anywhere across its route network to New York City, the New York Post reports.

    “We’re honored to do what we can to support the communities we serve, and our team has made flights available to law enforcement agencies … who wish to send representatives to New York to support their brethren,” JetBlue spokeswoman Sharon Jones told the paper.

    Officer Rafael Ramos’ funeral will be held Saturday in Queens, N.Y. while the services for Officer Wenjian Liu have not been finalized. However, the airline said it is working to bring Liu’s family from China to New York at no charge.

    The two New York police officers were ambushed Saturday by Ismaaiyl Brinsley after he had made threatening posts online, including a vow to put "wings on pigs" and references to high-profile cases of white police officers killing unarmed black men.

    The killings of officers Liu and Ramos have raised concerns in the already tense nationwide debate surrounding police conduct.
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