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    I've heard you could jewel metal with a pencil eraser and come out with decent results. I was wondering if anyone had any experience with this and or other jeweling techniques.
  2. talon

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    You "can" but its a very temporary result. You'll usually mess it up wiping away the little eraser crumbs too.

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    What talon said. You need to use abrasive and enough pressure to cut into the metal. If you used a LOT of erasers, I guess you could get it done?
  4. Get some of these and some fine Clover compound:

    Roll some small O rings or a piece of heat shrink tube over them leaving only the end exposed so the bristles don't spread out. The abrasive Clover compound makes the swirls. And you will need a jig of some sort to lay out the pattern of swirls, for rifle bolts we had a Brownells jig that spun it, and the lengthwise rows were made by clamping it in an X-Y milling vice on the drill press. Brownells sells larger brushes, but they are around $10 each.