JHP .45 ACP Trigger reset?

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  1. Have only had this happen 4 times in course of about 2 mags, after firing trigger is not reset to fire next round. First 2 times cleared chamber to check for round or not closed, was OK, next 2 just pushed trigger ahead and reset. Now away from range I question if ammo was at fault? These rounds were nickel .45 ACP 230 gr FMJ, not sure of age and have also had 2 stovepipes with this ammo. Just curious if any one else has experienced problem and what was found to be cause? I will have to return to range and use different ammo batch, will advise if problem source seems to be found
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    Trigger bar is slipping off the sear cam. Make sure right grip is seated properly and screw is tight (yes, the stupid grip holds those parts in place). Don't strip out the screw hole.

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    I found this out the hard way, but I got better.
  4. Checked out right grip today, seemed tight but not sure was seated correct. Removed checked and reinstall, will have to range verify in a few days. I see how this could cause problem, hope it is that simple. Thanks for the info.
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    Be sure you are allowing your trigger out far enough to reset.when I first got my jcp I ad a similar issue and it turned out the issue was me riding the triggernot letting it return to be able to fire .
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    If you want to check it without having to wait for a trip to the range, you can cycle snap caps through it. That's how I proof the action of any weapon that gets unusual work done to it.