jhp 45 at the range

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    took my JHP 45 to the indoor range today. this is the second range session with this 45 and I am getting tighter groups with every magazine!!!

    my son & I were shooting at the standard silouette target and later at 2 inch orange circles. I started off with 10 rds in the 8,9, & 10 ring about 6-7 inch group at 25 yds. this continued for the first 50 rd box with each group getting slightly smaller. the last group was about 5 inch in the 9 & 10 rings.

    I then ran 20 rds thru it rapid fire and brushed & swabbed the bbl. then I fired 2 five rd strings at a 2 " orange circle the first string had 2 in the circle and 3 more breaking the edges of it with one hole about 1/2 inch to the left.
    the 2nd string was slightly better with 2 in and 3 touching.

    I am very pleased with this gun, to say the least.
    I have owned several handguns that cost a lot more that didn't perform as well as my $139 JHP.

  2. JasonJ

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    very nice! sounds like youre a good shot as well. takes alot more than a good firing pistol.

    let us know when you start to get 4" groups at 25yds or smaller.. thats where i hear alot of "official" testers like to see the more popular, more expensive name brand type pistols fire.
  3. biganimal

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    while it is true that I am a decent shot, you must start with a decent weapon.
    I have shot for over 40 yrs and have competed in several classifications over them years. I taught marksmanship in the Army and in civilian life. now I just shoot to keep young and for pure pleasure.
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    we spent another day at the range yesterday. Me with the 380 & 45 and my son with his c9. I had tried the ghostring sight on the 380 and found it not to my liking, so I went back to the original sight which worked very well. I place 16 rds in the head area (standard lg silhouette target) at 20 yds. I put another 75 rds thru the 45 and kept everything in the 9 & 10 rings. the more I use this gun the more I love it.

    funny thing happened ........my son shot a 5 rd group with my 45 and I used his 9mm and
    his group was high and left while mine was exactly opposite at low & right

    but we both shot similar groups in the 9 ring with my 380. go figure.............
  5. 1motion

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    congrats on the .45 .... i love mine, i havent had any problems with it and it is definatly an accurate gun
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    $139 is a really good deal.
  7. Does the .45 pistol also come with the ghost ring rear sight? I hear that some of the other pistols come with interchangeable rear sights.

  8. JasonJ

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    yes, JHP comes with ghost ring sight.