JHP .45 magazine dosent just fall

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  1. The magazine in my JHP .45 does not fall all the way out when I press the release. It drops about 75% of the way then stops. Any suggestions??
  2. Ranger-6

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    Use a little sandpaper and a buffing wheel to smooth the tight spots.

  3. SWAGA

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    I have 4 mags and none of them fall free.
    They just drop about an inch or so.
  4. ajole

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    NE Utah
    They aren't tactical guns, so that's actually a feature, it makes it easier to keep your mags out of the dirt.:p
  5. Nope mine dont fall out either...like it was said keeps them out of the dirt and keeps ya from stepping on them.
  6. bluebone

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    Umm yeah, sorry to hear that these guns don't have the Hollywood features seeing as how magazines cost actual money and most folks don't want them tumbling around in the rocks and dirt and stepping on them and such...
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    My mags fall out,I removed the mag safety on mine.I'm not recommending you do the same,if you do it then you do it at your own risk.
  8. Mag safety? Please elaborate....
  9. Bull

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    My C9 the mags don't fall out, but all 3 fall out of my JCP.
  10. talon

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    what exactly is a ''mag safety''???

    anyways, as has been stated many times, the mags are NOT SUPPOSED TO just fall free, but simply drop slightly, and you physically pull it the rest of the way out.
  11. madchad

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    I like mine to stop. Never dropped a mag as I knew they were coming out and was ready to catch them, but it's nice for them to hang up.

    That said, if I wanted them to fall out I'd give them the stink eye, ridicule them, and/or cuss them until they dropped.

    Yes. I'm cruel and mean. The sadness of people and things around me is a boon.
  12. ajole

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    The mag safety is a thing designed so that you can not pull the trigger without the mag in the gun.

    There's a few guns with that.

    It's basically a bar under the right grip, IIRC. Without the mag in, it interferes with the sear. Placing the mag in the gun pushes it outward, freeing the sear.

    If you take it out, the trigger can fire without the mag, and the mags have one less point of drag.
  13. talon

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    interesting. and what actual purpose would removing it do? without a mag, you're limited to ONE bullet, so big deal. i really dont see it having any benefits at all.
  14. ajole

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    NE Utah
    Well, it makes it possible to pull the trigger without re-inserting the mag, which is nice in function checks.

    It also possibly makes the mag drop free.;)
  15. I just took off the grips, and that lever is not where its hanging up. Its hanging just inside the well entrance in the bottom. But its only the mag I got with the gun, the 2nd one I bought online seems to work great....
  16. tomwlkr

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    Mag safety keeps a moron from removing the magazine and thinking the gun is empty, then shoots his wife or kid with the round he left in the chamber
  17. mikeb82301

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    The "Mag Safety" is a long bar that is beneath the grip panel. It prevents the weapon from being fired without a magazine in place. It is not suggested that, with this kind of firearm, that it be removed.
  18. 60ratrod

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    ya'll will call me nuts, but when i'm doing drills i'll actually dump the mag in the dirt and keep truckin. the look on duster's face when we did a run and gun was kinda priceless when i dirt dumped the mags for a new mag. is it hard on them? yeah. but at the same time, i'm generally practicing for situations outside of my full control. "hang on bad guys! i have to switch mags! ok, ready!"

    also, the mag drop safety is a really nice feature when you have young, curious children. keep the mag separate from the firearm, and no one can get hurt unless the sear fails. IMO, no safety system is 100% safe with live rounds, but additional safeties can be nice, like palm swell safeties and mag drop safeties.
  19. james45

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    Sounds like an extremely insane game of eeny, meeny, miny, moe.
  20. I have two Phoenix arms pistols with this safety. Theirs is a little different than the hi point, the reason I removed it was with out a mag you can't rack the slide. If you can't rack the slide with out the mag there is no way to clear the firearm with out a empty mag.

    On my C9 I have thought about removing the safety so I can do some dry fire drills. With the mag out I can rack the slide fire and repeat with out messing the the mag.

    But not sure I want to or not, it is a nice safety to have with kids around. My boys know they can hold any firearm any time they want just have to ask me and I will get them out. When I have the safe open I will ask them if they want to hold one and most of the time they do. We try to remove the "mystical" aspect from them so they don't sneak around to look at them.