JHP .45 Range report

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  1. I took my new JHP .45 to the range today. Put 100 rounds of WWB 239Gr FMJ through it. Only two FTE's both caused by my getting creative with the grip and limpwristing. It fed just fine. It fired just fine. I did rub the barest trace of remOil on the feed ramp before firing it.

    It had much less recoil than I was expecting, very much less than thye PA-63 9x18.

    I tried it 10 feet and 25 feet. I got good 4in groupings at 25 feet and good 2 inch groupings at 10 feet, so I am confident I can hit COm easily with it.

    I looooooooooove this gun! It's dirty thing now tho'. Got to clean it up and all before I put it to bed.

    I am a very satisfied HP owner.

    I also got in some practice with the c-9 while I was out there, but I only put about 75 rounds through this time. No feed problems, no FTEs. Smooth as buttermilk.

    The weight of the .45 will take some getting used to, but I love it.
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    hope you enjoy your .45 as much as i have, they are great guns

  3. Hey Loopster, what are you doing with your brass? If you don't do anything with it, save it for me please, and I'll pay for shipping it out to me for reloading. Thanks.

    Congrats on the .45JHP shoot, your new girlfriend "Annie" lol.