Jhp 45 with snap caps.

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  1. I have not fired my JHP45 yet, still a virgin! So I got some snap caps to use first and I'm having some issues. I keep getting one stuck in the barrel. Its not the same one, happens random throughout the five. Also, are you supposed to see dings and dents on the brass? Snap caps made by Pachmayr, 45 ACP You can kinda see the scratches in the close up.




  2. Bamaboy

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    The brass dings are normal and is the firing pin working.
    As for the stuck issue once your jhp has been fired and its cherry has been popped you shouldn't have this problem.
    Get to the range and cure that itching trigger finger.

  3. ajole

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    Yep, that's normal. Shoot it, it needs to be broken in.
  4. thanks for the feedback, I gotta wait till next week to hit the range. good thing I have 650 rounds to break it in with. yeehaaaw