JHP first day at the range

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  1. Was able to get the 45 out to the range on Thursday to see how it performed. I was using WWB 230gr FMJ.
    Here's 125 rounds:


    There were a few issues. I only had two stovepipes, but I believe that was due to not keeping my wrist firm (stop laughing!)
    My main issue was that the slide was getting harder and harder to to load the first round. By the 8th mag, I had to pull it three times then palm it shut. I'm hoping that this was just a "break in" issue and not something that might rear it's ugly head in the future. Worse comes to worse, I'll have it warranteed.
    Aside from those two issues, it ran like a clock! Grouping wasn't too bad and it's very accurate out of the box. Only three total misses out of 125! Not bad for a guy thats shooting left handed with his right eye.
    I've since put a Hogue Handall grip to make it less slippery and get some better finger positioning.

  2. 1motion

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    great choice

    hope you enjoy your new .45.... i know i would buy mine all over again i havent had any problems yet

  3. Boy howdy, you ripped the snot out of that 10 ring! Great shooting Ernie! I also really like that beige handall grip you have, really sets off the pistol nicely.
  4. Thanks Primal! I started getting cocky and tried to do the Martin Riggs smiley face but it didn't work out so well....heh....
    I was thinking about duracoating the slide the same color but I'm still on the fence about that. I kinda like the way it looks now.
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    the issue with the slide you mentioned... i had that happen once or twice when my 45 was new.

    its generally the round getting caught up on the feed ramp. polish and buff the feed ramp and the rounds should just slide right up into place.

    it will also take about 300 rounds for the slide action to ease up and not be so tight. gun gets real fun to shoot about there.
  6. +1. I had the same issue with my c9 when it was new. The feed ramp polishing and light oil on it solved the problem just fine.
  7. OK, for those of you that haven't polished the feed ramp, DO SO NOW!!! Holy crap! It's a totally different pistol!!! I got the ole B&D RTX (faux Dremel) and polished according to the directions in the Tech Tips sticky. Now, the action on the first round is, as we used to say in NYC: BUTTAH!!! I can't believe how smooth that first of nine loads into the chamber. I'm gonna try it out this friday, I'm STOKED!!! LOL
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    told ya so! lol.
  9. That's great dude! Have u shot other Hp's? How does the recoil compare to the c9?
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    recoil is alot stronger in the 45. but the heavy slide keeps muzzle flip under control.

    as far as 45cal pistols go, its not bad at all.
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    my JHP is the first .45 ive owned and shot extensivly but i would say that it has noticably less recoil than say my dads .40 S&W glock. i was impressed with how easy it is to shoot fast and accurate.
  12. Congrats on the JHP!

    More range time will get things settled in nicely, or you can speed the process up a bit by polishing the feed ramp as others have suggested. I did not polish the feed ramp on my C9, just let it work things out on its own by spending a good bit of time with it at the range :D

  13. Another great day at the range. This is my SIL's BF out shootin with me on Christmas Eve (I'm the fat bald dude). This is first time since scouts that he's been out returning lead to Mother Earth and he's never shot anything bigger than a .22.
    Starring my Taurus PT99 AF (right before it broke), the JHP (another flawless shoot), and my mossberg 590.
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    Enjoy that JHP! I am thinking that grip for mine..
  15. Good shootin Ernie!!!!! Nice to see some folks in my "area" with some Hi Points!!!! Awesome....

  16. Nice shot. Think the target is dead.
  17. Paper can never, ever be dead enough...and shooting clay pidgeons? Well that just makes thousands of smaller clays that will infest and overrun your position....I've seen it happen!! :shock: :shock:
  18. I just got back from the range with my .45 as well. I have not been in a while so I'm all pumped up. I forgot just how much fun the HP JHP .45 is to shoot. Love this gun!!! And all of the gun-snobs that are putting down my JHP .45 on youtube can kiss my donkey!!!

  19. Nice stitching there Shadow!!!! "Sheeeeeiiit, he ain't gots no belly lef' "
  20. Argggg you are making me want to go shooting, but deer season is not over yet so the darn range is still closed :evil: