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    i guess its ok to post my results of my sear spring test; first off i DONOT RECOMMEND DOING THIS, ALSO DONOT USE A CHEAP SPRING FROM A INK PEN, i bought a pack of everbuilt springs and i found one that met my standards, i installed it and fired about 150 rounds so far with no problems, i reduced the pull down to about 4-1/2 pounds and it is very crisp, i always do my shooting at an approved gun range and always,always point my gun in a safe direction when cycling a round, and NEVER HAND CYCLE AT HOME, as a side note i first tried a ink pen spring and had a slam fire after about 50 rounds so hence my warning about not using a cheap ink pen spring,
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    Here's the official mandatory forum warning:

    Don't mess around with a sear or a seat spring.

    Don't forget to reverse any changes should you ever sell the gun.
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