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  1. I finally got out to range this past weekend to shoot my new JHP and break it in. Right away I noticed that it had a very heavy trigger pull, but after 27-45 rounds thru it it eased up but replaced with lots of trigger creep and continues with almost 90 rounds thru it. I'm wondering if that's normal during the break in phase with Hi-Points, I'm talking about the long trigger creep. Granted that the gun is still being broken in and the trigger will get smoother, but I didn't expect that much creep. BTW it fed fully loaded mags with no problems using MagTech 230gr fmj's.
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    It doesn't go away, it will get smoother, but it's always a long travel.

    I like it, it stacks up, and after some use, I know where it will break. When it does break, it's pretty clean.

  3. Thanks Ajole, that's what I was hoping for info wise. I can compensate and adjust for the long trigger travel (creep) if it stays consistent after break-in.
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    Of you ever take the grips off it will give you a chance to do a very rudimentary 'trigger job' that will help smooth things out a bit.
    A HP probably ranks amongst the least complicated guns out there so it's pretty easy.
    Just follow the bits and pieces that go from the trigger to the firing pin release and a couple of rubs with sandpaper where the metal touches works great.
    Don't go overboard just a couple of passes with fine sandpaper even in the polymer frame.
    Took out all the 'grittiness' on my trigger.
    Still a long trigger pull but it's all smooth now.
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  5. Call MoM and order a new rear sight. It will come with a new spring. Replace your sear spring with the sight spring. It's shorter, equally stiff, but will give you an almost instant pull. Tried this on mine because I had an extra spring, best thing I've done to it. I've had no problems with it being too weak to return the sear to position, and I've had no accidental fires either. Had a brown pants moment the other day when my pistol slid off my bed as I was changing clothes, hit the floor with the safety off (hardwood flooring), STILL didn't jostle a bang out of it.

    I'd recommend swapping the sear spring for an extra sight spring as the first thing you do.
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    Uh no, don't do that.
    Firecracker, you shouldn't go around recommending people to do these types of trigger mods on an anonymous forum where you have no culpability or whatsoever when things go wrong.
    The trigger is what it is, it's a HiPoint and not a competition Kimber.
    Have you ever even shot your gun after your last post with this 'mod'?
    We warned you the last time about doing it.
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    9 posts and he is an expert!
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    A few drops of oil smoothed out the trigger on my jcp. No mods just removed the grip and lubed the parts. Made a HUGE differance. Did this at 250 rounds or so. It's at bout 550 now.

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  9. Actually yes, I have shot my pistol. At this point I have about 200 rounds through it since the spring change. Whitebox Winchester (very dirty), Blazer, and Federal. I've had zero problems with the trigger or the spring. I never claimed to be an expert, merely shared my experience. Take it as you will. If you feel the need to be condescending, have a ball, it's your lack of respect for others, not mine.

    I should prolly add though that recommending a spring that the factory sells is a better solution than some people on this forum who have recommended springs from ballpoint pens. Can't say I've seen you fellas get all snotty with those guys....
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    Don't cop an attitude firecracker.
    What you do is your business and your risk but you shouldn't be suggesting it to others who may not be aware of an increased risk.
    You're tooling around with the most dangerous and unforgiving part of the gun.
    Somebody could get hurt following your 'expert' ignorant advise.
    Maybe not intended but that's how you worded it.
    You have culpability ( at least morally) and so does this forum.
    As a forum we offer knowledge and advise and being told to stick a fork in a socket doesn't qualify as such.
    We do not condone modifications that make a gun illegal nor should we condone stupidity either.
    Choose your next words carefully.
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    Probably the only "modifications" allowed to be posted on this forum should be agreed upon by a few knowledgable and qualified members before they are posted, or just maintain the position of "if MOM doesn't approve, don't do it". It's easy to forsee a person with little to no knowledge getting some bad info and hurting themselves, potentially putting the forum at risk of liability.

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    I believe this is exactly why MOM will not send anyone a new sear or sear spring. You must send your gun to them for repairs, which they will do for free, sans shipping to them costs....
  13. I'm not the one copping the attitude here. I've done nothing to make my pistol illegal, and have not recommended doing anything along those lines. I recommended something that worked very well with my pistol, and not once in doing so did I ever claim to be an expert. Though twice now you've implied that I have. Yet you and others have said nothing to people who would use things like ballpoint pen springs for sear springs. I've chosen my words carefully. If telling me to do so is your way of "threatening" me on a forum, I'll save you the trouble. I've already found anything I need to know from this forum, since I've actually had the wherewithal to actually search and read before making any of my very few posts, unlike most folks who just want quick answers and don't want to spend time looking for them. I'll leave you fellas to your elitism.
  14. Did I just see the word "Elitism" used AGAINST a Hipoint owner? What's the world coming to?
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    All this could have been avoided by throwing up a disclaimer instead of a recommendation. Kind of odd to see SWAGA pull a talon though....lol
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    Yeah!........ He's gonna have to give himself a "Talon" if he doesn't watch it........
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    We're going to have to specify on that though.

    Pull(ing) a talon = run off a noob/member
    Being a talon, talon-esque = general trolling and harassment
    Getting a talon, talon-ed = getting a time out or receiving a BCD from the forum
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    No that doesn't sound like advise from somebody who "knows" you're right.

    I think you picked the wrong one.......
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