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  1. hi all, got a quick question about my JHP45. with the slide back and locked, I fully insert the mag. when I drop the safety/slide lock lever down the slide stays back. should it slam forward when the lever drops? after I drop the lever I have to rack it a bit to get it to go forward. other than that the gun is awesome! no fail to fire/feed, FTE or anything. pull trigger go bang! been very fun for all 850 rounds ive put through it so far..
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  3. I've always had to pull back on the slide to get it to go forward.
  4. That's how they are designed. After inserting mag, you have to rack the slide, it doesn't just slide forward on it's own when you drop the safety lever like some other guns.
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    It's not a 1911. It's working exactly as it was designed to.
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    D'Oh! Yes, it is the LRHO lock, needs reset...

  7. what is the LRHO lock, cant find the thread with all the abbreviations. thank you!
  8. Last Round Hold Open
  9. That was freaking me out as well, the other day with mine.
    I thought I lost even more brain cells.
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    That's Hi Point. There is no slide release.
  11. If the LRHO lock needs to be reset is that something I should send back to Hi-Point to have done? A 45ACP is a good size round and I'd prefer not to have a problem with a pistol shooting a round like that..
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    No need to send back all is working as designed, the reset is when you rack slide back with hand.
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    I EDC some version of a 1911 and since I had one of the Hi-points before, when sportsmans guide sent me an email I clicked it knowing that I hadn't liked the LRHO when I had my other one. I hadn't followed Hi-points much and was hoping they had changed the design.

    Even with that, I just love the pistol. Already spent more on Grips, extra mags and laser lyte than I gave for the gun.

    Plus I bought the Carbine.
    Had it almost two weeks and haven't shot it yet.
    Bought a muzzle brake , truglo red dot, fore grip, duracell flashlight with weaver mount though so it looks good sitting there. My wife keeps yelling at me to get it off the couch.

    On a break from working outside right now. Maybe I will get time to get it all sighted in this evening.