Jigsaw or what??

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    So I put rails under and on the side of my ATI (Lower portion of course). Some how, the side rail has become loose. In my idiocy(real word?) when initially installing, I overtightened the heck out of the little hex screws. And of course, now that I would like to re-tighten or replace them. My hex keys will not work no matter what.

    I don't want to pry off the rail, but there is a sliver of a gap between it and the stock. So now it will not tighten or release for anything. Now I've got a jiggly rail that rattles every time I pick it up.

    What would the Hi Point experts recommend in removing the rail? Should I just jigsaw the screws between the rail and stock? Keep prying and maybe crack/damage the stock? If I do jigsaw, what of the pieces still in the stock? Blowtorched out or what (Not seriously)?

    Help if you can please? Or just make fun of me....
  2. go buy a small easy out or use a dremel to cut a slot in the hex heads so you can use a straight screw driver.

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    Also, sometimes if you put the hex key in, apply a bit of heat from a pen torch, and flow a little touch of solder in around the key, that will tighten things up enough to get the screws out. You'll still want to replace the scews once they're out, but it works in a pinch if you don't have an easy-out set handy.
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    Thanks for the tips....and speedy replies! I'll probably go for that last "Sears method." Though I'm becoming more mechanically inclined every day, I'd hate to to cause any unnecessary damage to the stock....or my hand!

    And I'm def switching to some standard screws as opposed to the hex that came with the rails.

    Thanks Again, we'll see how this works out!
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    BTW.. All is fine and I'v ereplace all of my accessory rail screws with a standard flat head. It's already been a joy to break down and replace/switch my little gadgets.

    Thanks again for your helpses!
  6. I haven't tried those sears ones, but standard easy outs have always done me well. I just used one two days ago removing a damaged carb drain screw on an atv
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  8. +1 on the easyouts lbreevesii,they have saved me more times than I care to remember. :lol: