Jimenez 25acp

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    I picked one of these up several years ago. It was reliable and I was happy with it. However a buddy of mine was going through a divorce and had to sell a lot of his toys including all his guns. So I gave the JA-25 to him. He said once he could afford to get a better gun he would give it back. If that happens, I will be glad to take it.
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  2. I would buy a JA25 if I could find one new. Used ones are kinda' sketchy not knowing the past history.
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  3. DaveH

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    I think they only made a few hundred of those per year. As obsolete as cheapo 25's are, I'd still take one over some of these novelty items like the lifecard 22, the Altor, or those rifle caliber derringers Heizer makes.
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