Jimenez J.A. Nine at LGS for $129 NIB

Discussion in 'General Firearms Discussion' started by wganz, Nov 4, 2014.

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    Should have clarified that I would wait several months until the flu season is full tilt and I can get the extra hours to get a Sig.

    Apologies for the confusion that zig zag caused.
  2. In the meantime you could go with a Kel-tec P11 which will take higher capacity double stack mags. Much less $$ than the P938 and is still very concealable.

  3. Ah, so price was the point. So you're willing to spend a little more now so long as it's a compact 9mm. Am I right?

    Cant seem to find any cheap and compact. You can get used Sigmas and Barrettas for less than 3 but theyre not compact.
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  4. moona11

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    I carry a P11 daily. Conceals easy and does the job.
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    I'd avoid the large caliber JA guns. Even the many of the "Saturday Night Specialists" over at the BJJA forums will tell you to avoid the JA9. My personal experience was brief but positive.

    We fired a box of ammo through a JA9 that belonged to a friend several years ago. The gun worked perfectly. It was relatively unpleasant to fire compared to similarly sized 9mm pistols, although to be fair most of them have the benefit of using the popular locked breech mechanism.

    Problem is that over on the BJJA forums I've seen JA9's that go 1,500 rounds without a hitch and guns that go 200 rounds before having a plethora of different issues from LCI failures that disable the gun to frame cracks.

    Basically in this case, the Hi Point is the clear winner. Call the guys over there what you will but the fanboyism is minimal. The models that work well (JA32 gets a nod here) get credit and problematic guns don't.
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    I've heard that the LC380 which is the .380 version of the JA9 works well also. Probably the .380 doesn't beat the frame up like the 9x19mm.


    Looks like I've got things turned around from being off from work plus have the tuition $$$ in the safe awaiting on that RN-to-BSN program to start so I'll look at a better grade of pistol

    Summit Gun Broker has Kahr CT9's for $299.
  7. If you're moving up in price a bit, you might want to look at the Kel-Tec P11. I've read good things about them although I've never fired one. I've got a PF9 that's been very reliable for me although a bit snappy. If you're looking for a full size in the $300 range, you might look at the S&W SD9VE. It's a Glock knockoff and basically a DA SD gun, but I've really enjoyed mine. Very simple to break down, very reliable. A lot of people complain about the trigger, but it hasn't bothered me and there's a $20 Apex replacement that supposedly brings it around. Mags are pretty steep, but at least it comes with 2 16 rounders.

    Edited to add: 'Course if you're moving up in price and looking for a full size, you might just want to get you a Hi-Point. :)
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  8. moona11

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    I have 2 P11s love them changed the trigger to Northwood trigger huge improvement. This gun is snappy like all small concealed weapons but its a beast that can take a beating and KTOG forum is a great site I go from here to there as do several other members. I have as username there.
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    So far it looks like all of the LC380 owners are happy. Granted the price of .380 probably keeps the round count lower than the 9's.
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    my first semi auto was a Bryco 48 in .380, a few years later I picked up a model 59 in 380acp and both worked well. sadly the firing pin in the 59 broke and Jimenez does not sell replacement parts so it just sits in the safe. The 48 goes with me sometimes as a back up pistol when I go white tail hunting and still works well 20 years later.
  11. Not positive but the design has not changed from the Bryco to the Jimenez, a JA9 or LC380 FP should work. They are not expensive and worth a try. The T380, LC380, and JA9 share the same slide except for markings I believe.
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    The T380 is a single stack and much thinner. It is basically identical to the Jennings T380. Several parts vary between the T380 and the old Jennings 59, not sure if the firing pin is interchangeable or not.
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  14. For what they are and for the price,they are not too bad.2 12 rd magazines (or 10 depending on your laws) nice adjustable sights,last round open.I'm sure it would go bang if you really need it to.
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    Ja 9

    I have the Hi-Point C-9, 380 and 40 pistols as well as the 4095 carbine. I also have the Jimenez JA-9 as well as the T-380. I love my Hi-Points but, most people who downgrade the newer Jimenez Firearms don't even own one. Don't be afraid of them as long as they are made in the last 2 years. They have improved. I had a Jennings 9mm and it was not good, just as you read everywhere. However the JA-9 I own (1 year old) and the T-380 (3 months old) work great. They obviously have improved them over at Jimenez. Ever going to be one of the best, probably never, but mine work great and I would trust them. It is true you should only use FMJ 115 or 124 grain for optimum performance. They don't like hollow points very well. Don't listen to everyone. Most just can't believe a reasonably priced gun can be any good because they have to justify the big bucks they spent on something with a big name. I think my Hi-Points are still a little better but, Jimenez has improved. By the way, I had a Glock 17 that was a lemon! It can happen with any firearm, especially if you don't take care of it.
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  16. Over the course of time I've owned four Jennings Nines and three Jimenez J.A. Nines. (Yeah, I'm a sucker for a cheap gun) Jimenez added a second pin to retain the barrel and they make sure the gun ships with the recoil spring guide (the recoil spring guide was a "perhaps" on the Jennings, some were shipped with 'em and others didn't have them installed). They're in regular range rotation, I can't say that one performs any better than the other. But the Jimenez guns are still covered by a warranty, and they've always made things right. I like that. :)

    But I still like my Hi-Points better and I personally feel they are a better gun.
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    Guns are cheap. Ammo is what is flipping expensive now days.

    I'll put a JA-9 back on the list to try out but will stick with only the 115 grain FMJ in it. A lot of people don't realize that this load is the equivalent to the 158 grain RNL .38 Special loads that detectives carried for many a year. The 'Miami Shootout' and all that jazz not withstanding, but still beats a sharp stick while going through 'The Badlands' on the way back home from a late shift at the hospital.

    I'm holding my breath on what the fallout locally will be once the grand jury decision in Ferguson, MO will be. Am looking at seriously upgrading to an AR pistol with six 30 round mags taped together in "Lt. Calley pack" if it turns ugly.
  18. Seems like the violence stayed local in MO. I would think it unlikely to reach Texas. But hey anything is possible.
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    I'm working today and not privy to the news.... Anything I miss?