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    Longer video by J Dalton from a few years ago on the JA-9 vs C9

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    I actually own both of these guns and have put a lot of rounds downrange with both. I disagree with his conclusion that the Jimenez would be the better gun to grab if trouble came through the door. My Hi-Points are far more reliable. Period. The Jimenez can be temperamental and only takes certain brands of ball ammo. My Hi-Points eat everything I feed them and go bang every time.

    Both guns are surprisingly accurate at close distances. Both guns are cheap, but only one of them is a "good" gun.

    With that, neither of these is my go-to gun. The gun on my person is an M&P Shield and the gun by my bedside is a Glock. I keep a couple of Hi-Points stashed in strategic places around the house, just in case. The Jimenez sits unloaded on a closet shelf.

  3. I watched that comparison a few years back - an interesting video.

    Someone correct me if I'm wrong but I believe the JA-9 and the C9 shared the honor of being the two lowest priced semi-auto 9mm pistols in America, both checking in under $200. No comparison in quality though.

    But with Jimenez Arms probably about to be taken off life support, that honor of cheapest 9mm will soon go all to the C9.
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    I was in a pawnshop one time when a guy came in with a nickel (?) plated one and they offered him $45.
    Keep that in mind next time you see one in a pawnshop.
  5. I'd have offered $55...

    I'm actually hoping to find a cheap Jimenez or Jennings Nine for an article I want to write.
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    I looked on E gunner auctions the other day and they had a Jiminez JA9 on there with no magazine. I looked up the prices of magazines. They're not cheap. I wouldn't buy one period with no mag.
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    image.jpg ...that was easy...oh yeah ! imma like it here
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    84minieldo, is that your Jiminez? If so, just wondered how it runs with different brands of ammo?
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    Yep it’s mine..but..err not really sure on the ammo variants,I’m kinda broke so don’t shoot much but when I do it’s the cheap stuff..range reload or Winchester white box if indoor tulammo steel case crap if outside.this one gets cleaned every shooting so I’m sure that helps,and it’s probably been cleaned 8 or 9 times
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  10. The Jimenez Arms factory suggested the following 115 gr Full Metal Jacket Ball or Round nose ammo for the J.A. Nine:
    -Federal American Eagle
    -Mag Tech
    -Speer Lawman
    - Self Defense Round: Remington UMC

    In addition, Jimenez did NOT recommend shooting steel or aluminum case ammo. Back in the day, mine had a pretty steady diet of Remington and Federal. upload_2020-7-10_7-49-4.png