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    Anyone watch John Adams on HBO the past two weeks? VERY insightful into what he was thinking at the time. Apparently, it is based on his personal letters to his wife and other correspondence to the Continental Congress, George Washington, etc... I'm enjoying it.
  2. I've not seen it but hope to catch it when it reruns on another network. I won't pay for HBO--I don't like paying for any television!

    John Adams and Abigail seem to have been deeply and honestly in love. They wrote each other voraciously and much of that correspondence has survived.

    I'm glad to hear you're enjoying it; that makes me want to watch it even more.

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    My wife and I are big history buffs, and especially Colonial America. We've both read the correspondences between Abigail and John, he considered her his equal and he bounced ideas of of her to get her insight. Unheard of in that time, but his ideas of what America can and should be are inspirational to say the least. Check it out when you can.
  4. I've always been a big history buff of early America but I've never been much of a John Adams fan.

    With that said, this series is the best thing I've seen in a long time. A lot of documents and correspondence are available for study. Fact wise the portrayals of Benjamin Franklin, George Washington and John Adams are dead on. I am enjoying watching this series very much.

    The only thing thats disappoints me is the lack of the smuggler John Hancock. He was another instigator of the movement for independence starting with his resistance to the Stamp Act of 1765. If you want to get rich off of war you need to study him. He made millions in the 1700s by smuggling and avoiding the King's taxes. Of course he spent most of it on our quest for independece and ended up Governor of Massachusetts. From October 27, 1775 to July 1, 1776, his title was "President of the United Colonies", so he was our third President even before George Washington. I find him a much more interesting person. Maybe they will do a series on him! :D
  5. I've been watching the series. Very good show showing the "history" of what went on at that time. I have my 14 year old Son watching too.
  6. Was at the girlfriends parent's house last night and caught what I think was the third episode. Pretty interesting, intrigued enough to go back and watch the first couple of episodes anyway.
  7. All right, what happened in the recent episode; did He die?????
  8. Still a great show IF you're into history. Little slow but I guess that's why it's a series. Just finished watching episode of the swearing in of the first President......George Washington with vice Pres. Adams.
    (I know Adams didn't die; just checking to see who was paying attention and caught it).