John Wayne Toilet Paper

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    Stole this from another site

    A Cheyenne man goes into a grocery store, and asks for a package of toilet paper.

    The clerk offers him three kinds: Charmin, Best Brand, and Generic. The Cheyenne man takes the generic.

    A week later the Cheyenne man comes back to the store, throws the remainder of the toilet paper at the store clerk and says, "I don't want no cheap John Wayne toilet paper!"

    The clerk laughs and says, "It's not John Wayne toilet paper, it's GENERIC toilet paper."

    The Cheyenne guy tells him, 'You can call it whatever you want, but it's rough, tough, and won't take crap off nobody!"

  2. :D Good one! First time I heard that is when my brother told me that after he got back from South Korea long time ago.
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    You remember those brown pulpy tri-fold towels that didn't soak up moisture so much as smear it around? That's what we called "John Wayne" paper back at my high school.
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    We called the single-ply/nonabsorbent toilet paper "80 grit" ...It would make your nostrils bleed if you had a runny nose and tried to use it as a tissue! :shock:
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    That's the stuff. You could still count the rings of the tree it came out of.
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    We used to get TP in the C-RATs (before MREs) That was always known as John Wayne TP......