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  1. I joined a gun club today. In order to use their shooting range you have to qualify. And guess what i used to qualify? I used my good ol' C9. I've only had about 300 rounds thru it, so i wasn't too sure if i should use it to qualify. I didn't want to be embarrassed if it jammed, but it came thur like a champ. The instructor even complimented me on my C9. He said "this is exactly one of the nicer ones that I've seen" I've have a few simple things done to my C9, i sprayed the grips with the rubber undercoat and painted my letters white. i think my C9 looks so much betters with the letters painted, IMO
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    At first, it sounded like the range/club were gun snobs (having to qualify to use the range?), but I'm glad it's not like that. Congrats on qualifying. :)

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    I go to the range with my grandpa, I have to qualify before I join but its a pretty simple task and actually should be fun.
  4. thanks alot 1inthechamber. qualifying is a new rule that they have for all members. and president actually put the qualifying stick on my membership card even before i qualified. i'm in the military so i guess he thought i better qualify. now i get to spend more time breaking in my C9 :D
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    Photos would be real cool.
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    Way to khmer.what did quals consist of?
  8. i'll post pics of my C9 when i get my digi back from my sis. to qualify its a joke, at 25ft 5 rounds on a 30x30
  9. I work out at one of the ranges out here in colorado and when I joind I to used my c9 and I have been a range officer out there for the last 3 months and I carry my c9 most of the time when Im out there.
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    My dad belongs to a large gun club near us. It is like 600+ acres and has multiple outdoor ranges. We were there last winter just doing some free shooting and we decided to go to the "Steel Pistol Range". This is where there are steel gongs from 6" up to like 20" out to I think 25 yards or so. There were a few guys there. I pulled out my HP 40 first and right away a guy asked if it came in a cereal box. I just kind of smiled and started to shoot (at the targets), I ran a couple of clips through it and then went to my HP comp 9 and did the same. When all was said and done I think I failed to hear a report from one gong! They had a bit more respect for the HP's after that. Dad had a BIG smile on his face....
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    Cool, way to go. What did you have to do to qualify.
    Was it like having to qualify for a CCW, which here was shoot about 125 rounds at 7 yards all in the black of a large silhouette target.