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  1. Well guys i've decided to join the military seeing as how I want to be a LEO and without military experience its damn near impossible. But after checking around and talking to recruiters I have decided to Join the Coast Guard. Seeing as they do more Law Enforcement duties which would look better on a Leo application I also will be able to be a police officer in the Coast Guard which also looks better on an application plus if I like it I can just make a career out of it. 8) The only problem is im gonna have to enlist for 4 years which isnt bad but I also have to make sure my mother is taken care of. So any active or former military can you guys tell me what other advantages to being in the military
  2. Congratulations! Thanks for being willing to serve.

    I know a man in Arizona who retired from the Coast Guard after almost 30 years (if I remember right) service.

    He's very proud of the Coast Guard and never misses a chance to point out that their main job is to saves lives.

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    Way to go. We support you 100%.
    Tried to join several times years ago but for one reason or another I could never qualify.
    Tried every branch except Air Force. I was told they did not take people that needed glasses.
    I doubt that is true today, but I was young and naive then and believed it.

    Any way. Congrats and my hat is off to you. Salute
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    Thank you for your service,,, you are a better man then me.
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    Congrats, and many thanks! The Coast Guard has a lot to offer in the way of law enforcement.

    A friend of mine and my wifes is in the Coast Guard Reserves. He is a teacher during the week, but on the weekends gets to go out and have fun and serve. I myself thought about going into the Coast Guard however my medical problems keep me out of any service.

    I would imagine everyone on the forum supports you and wishes you the best!
  6. 1 A chance to serve your country

    2 It never hurts to be able to put an honorable discharge on a job application

    3 GI Bill

    4 Job training that may help you after your hitch is up

    5 Did I say a chance to serve your country?

    Congrats on your choice, I wish I could give you an answer about your mother. That is always a difficult one.
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    Welcome to the brotherhood you'll learn that freedom isn't free that we all pay the price. As to being a knee deep, keep in mind tha they are overall better sailors than the navy.
  8. I've always said that military service is a young person's job. I firmly believe that; so, I would only recommend it if you're rather young -- no older than 25 maybe? (Compared to me, just about any age can be young.) That's not to say that 30 year olds and what-have-you, can't do the job, I'm just saying it's a young person's job... because... at 40 (or even 30) I don't want to rake leaves, cut grass, paint rocks, etc. as a 25 year old sergeant shouts orders at me. That's just me.

    All in all, four years for all of the training and experience you're going to receive... as well as all of the VA benefits you'll be able to receive, is well worth it. It's not for everyone, but it is a way to serve your country as well as better yourself. After your stint, the world is open to you (well, it's open to you now, but in four years you'll have the training, experience, and benefits too), and you'll be a step in the door for any career you choose, including law enforcement. OK, I'm going to stop sounding like a recruiter now.

    Congratulations and thank you for your service.
  9. You ARE over 6 feet tall, aren't you. So you will be able to wade ashore if the ship sinks. :roll:
    Another thing 1K, if your mother is dependent on you, she will be able to obtain a dependents ID and have all the benefits (PX, Medical, etc.).
    Good luck whatever you decide. Just remember, after 10 years, its all downhill.
  10. remember one thing......"GI BILL". do it right and they will pay for your college education. good luck and congrats.
  11. Good for you man, make sure you keep up with us as your career progresses.
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    As MSgttbar stated; if your mother can be listed as your dependent, that means she relies on you for over 50% of her care and welfare she may be able to be listed as your depedent and be entitled to a Depedent ID card which gives Commissary, BX/PX/NAVEX privilages in addition to medical care. Ask you recruiter before you sign up. Or better yet Contact Triwest healthcare (Military heathcare provider) at 1-888-874-9378. I would call Triwest before believing a recruiter.
    Maybe they can answer that.
    Anyway, best of luck and Thank You for putting on a uniform.
  13. DONT DO IT!!!!!!!! Just Kidding

    The Military really turned my life around. It has been a great experience. I am very glad I did it!!!!!

    Welcome and Thank You for your service!
  14. Thanks and good decision! Some of the greatest friends you'll make in the service (sheesh, Like Yoda I sound....dammit!). Many work aquaintences come and go, but those friends you make in the service will be friends and brothers for life.
    Good Luck!!!
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    4 years will be over before you know it. Enjoy it!
  16. Did my time, no regrets. Military has a great way of getting young people on the right track. Once upon a time I was a pot smokin, radio shack working, milk crate-coffee table havin kid who was goin nowhere, now I'm married, lot's of toys, and lovin life. I doubt your as far off track as I was, so it should be alot better for you.
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    That's why they issue birth control goggles. :roll: I heard that one too when I was young, but new it was bull because my older cousin is in the AF and he has glasses.
  18. Yeah I wore the birth control glasses too. I originally wanted to be a Huey pilot, but because I wore glasses they turned me down. They had lots of Vietnam war era pilots at the time and could be choosy.

    Now I see chopper pilots wearing glasses on the tube :(

    My time in was not all fun and games, there were some very trying and stressful times, but I can honestly say there were some of the best times in my life at the same time. I really do miss it at times.

    Make the most of it, you get out of the military what you put into it.
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    Just be carefull, KNOW your goals. What I mean is you may plan on only serving four years and then find yourself reinlisting, My only regret form my service time is I went ahead and got out. I dread that decision often. You get used to it. The GLORY DAY'S. some of the worst times you will ever have yet the most memorable and when looked back on you wouldnt change it for the world.

    Coast Gaurd ey, Yeah, I dont know if they told you this or not But it is one of the tuffest jobs period. Yes they have some sham jobs, same as the Marines, Army, Air force and Navy.

    I'd Say start getting inshape NOW. And I dont mean a little I mean no joke get the 2-3 mile times down. And push ups and sit ups, Then go to work. Sleep well you wont get any of that durring training. But like I said once it is over youll look back at it and remember how easy it was. That is untill some one askes if you want to do it again. HEHE.

    I say go for it ALL OUT. just one word of advice, while in training NOBODY is your freind, they are just another recruite, you can have a freindly relation ship a working relation ship. YOU do not know them and they do not know you. Some people will take advantage of any person willing. Just do your job and remember your there to learn and train that is it, You can make the freinds later.

    This will be some of the greatest times you will ever have. the worst the most painfull, yet how easy it all was.

    Good luck. And remember people have been doing it for years so yes you can too.