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    So new member first post as you can see over on the left ... forgive me if its in the wrong spot.

    Bought my first handgun today the C9. Think I got a good deal, they had it at Rural King for $180 w/ HC.... I told him the cheaperthandirt price for same deal was $126 so he matched it. Went ahead and got the 10rd mag plus another 8rd mag for $17 each and some ammo.
    They had Hornaday 147g XTP for $15 and Magtech 115g FMC for $13... not sure if those are any good for this gun but we shall see I suppose.

    So question is after reading all the "polish this" or "bend this" where do I go from here?

    Should I just clean and lube it then head to the range?

    Ive read its a good idea to preload the mags and let them sit to soften the springs so I did that.

    If I sound like a total noob its because I am...... Im a shotgun hunter and thats all Ive ever owned.

    Any tips or advice is much appreciated.
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    Welcome to the forum.
    The general consensus seems to be to not try and fix anything if it ain't broke.
    Like any new gun it will need a bit of a break in period.
    I'd recommend you clean it without any disassembly.
    Clean the barrel to make sure there's no assembly grease or grit in there and a drop or two of light oil at the bottom of the slide.
    It's generally recommended to have the mags loaded to capacity to help,break in the springs.

    Watch this video by the way:

    Go shoot it and if there is any issue report back to us and we'll help you out :D
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    WELCOME from the home state of Hi Point!

    I had some problems with my C9 magazines when I 1st got them. Somebody told me to dip them into a glass of motor oil. and allow them to drip dry, and then wipe them off. I did, and have not had any trouble since.
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    Welcome from North Carolina. I recently became a Hi Point owner also. I did absolutely nothing to mine and am afraid to. It might mess something up!:D.