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    Why not have a forum dedicated specifically to identifying both good and bad vendors, both online and brick and mortar? It could be taken a step further and also include people who buy and sell on this forum or even places like e-Bay, Craigslist or gun shows. We all know that one person's experience could be good with a lousy vendor or terrible with a great vendor. But a forum like this helps to determine if there is a pattern, again both good or bad, of a buyer or seller.

    This type of deal is done on a car forum I'm a member of and comes in really handy for people buying items from across the country or even around the world. It's not an "I HATE SO AND SO" section or a section for people to spam with advertising, but it does allow individuals to express their level of customer satisfaction, or lack thereof.

    The best part is it's really easy to organize and moderate.

    Buyer and Seller Feedback. Just a thought.
  2. Well we cover indivual sales via the feedback thread subbed under the Trading Zone. And if you watch, you'll see people talking about good and bad experiences with the big names online. I do see where going with this though, but don't know how much response it would get. Perhaps we could start a thread somewhere dedicated to this if there's enough interest from other members. What's everyone else think?

  3. Ill throw up a test run and see how it goes.
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    Thanks, but... The idea was unceremoniously shot down two months ago when I brought it up and then my PM box was filled with people telling me if I don't like the forum the way it is, I should leave. I guess it was "be nice to new members" week. :roll:

    Apparently the number of emoticons is a higher priority than helping members decide who to spend money with. None the less, I'd be happy to share with you how I've seen it work before, and work well with some minor rules and policing.

    Have a great day.