Just bought a Heritage Single Six today !!!!!!!

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    Well.., I went down to my dealer today and ordered a Heritage Single Six in .22LR :) Call me crazy, but I just like the old style revolvers. Plus buying it in .22LR makes plinking DIRT CHEAP! Got a box of .22LR ammo from WalMart..., 550 rounds for just under $12.00 (WOW!)

    I have several friends who own Heritage revolvers and love them. They had no complaints about them either, and said for the price (like our HP's) you can't go wrong with them.

    I got mine NIB for $159.00 :)

  2. I had a Heritage Rough Rider .22lr with .22Mag cylinder back in the 80's/90's and found it to be a nice little gun for the money. The one I had was the fixed sight model and if I had it to do over would get the adjustable sight model. I rarely used the .22lr cylinder, except for range plinking, because I favor the .22Mag for pretty much all my hunting needs.

    Oh... post some pics!

  3. squeak_D

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    I got the fixed model, and also bought it specifically with the LR cyl. I bought it strictly for plinking :) I figured that for under $160 NIB, even with fixed sites, it would still make a great and inexpensive plinker.
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    I'll probably need some help doing it, but I'd be more than happy to take some pics of the little revolver and post them.
  5. Those are so cool! I have the one with the .22/.22MAG.
  6. i've got a ruger single six in .22/.22 mag. Its stainless. I love it but would like to trade for a mkIII
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    I actually bought a Rough Rider .22 last week and love it. I've shot the heck out of it. Single actions are fun. I've enjoyed the deliberate little 'ritual' you have to go through to load and unload it. I got mine used for a 100 even. It was in excellent condition, having been rarely shot. The motto of the shop owner I buy from about our town is "if you see something you really like, let somebody else buy it and pawn it back in a month later so you can get it at nearly half off."

    Anyway, here's my Rough Rider with my 1911 clone for comparison:


    Now that I look at the cylinder, I think mine accepts .22 magnum, also. Either way, it's a fun plinker and an excellent 'tackle box' gun.
  8. Here is one with the magnum cylinder. Notice that there is no fluting on the magnum cylinder.

    Another neat thing is that you could probably toss it to a BG and be perfectly safe. The safety is not intuitive.

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    You got the same model I just bought! Mine was a few bucks cheaper as I ordered the model that only comes with the 22LR cyl. I just didn't see the need for the mag cyl as I purchased the gun for plinking and LR is more than sufficient for this. Down the line if I feel the need I'll buy the extra cyl and take out a squirl or two :)
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    Let us know how it shoots. I'm curious how "on" the fixed sites are.

    I saw on their website that you can "adjust" the fixed sites by bending left or right or filing it down. It also states that "if it shoots high - you need a taller sight"....would you have to weld a new front site on it???

    I have been thinking about getting a heritage .22
    Will probably be my b-day gift!
    I don't have a revolver and a .22 is perfect for plinking. I find that I go shooting more when the ammo doesn't set me back $15 for 50 rounds!
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    I'd be more than happy to share how it shoots with everyone who's interested. I would imagine that accuracy with the fixed sites (if an issue) wouldn't be too severe as I can only assume that Heritage has some level of quality control for their firearms to pass their tests to be sold.

    My HP's needed very little adjustment and were close to center right out of the box. I was pleased to see this on an inexpensive firearm.

    My Saiga .223 was nearly dead on from the factory and even shipped with papers (partially in Russian), and hand signed by the person who did the testing prior to the weapon being shipped for sale. It was pretty cool to actually see the results of the testing on paper in the box :)
  12. shelbyzman

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    squeak_D: look forward to hearing how your trip to the range goes.

    I just saw that heritage makes a 9" barreled .22
    Thats like a short rifle! :lol:
  13. browwiw

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    The first day I owned mine, I was hitting 10 inch steel swing plates at 50 yards with mine. Honestly, since the .22 doesn't have the velocity to make the plate swing the 'ping' I heard may have been from the steel crossbeam the plates were hanging from. Either way, actually hitting in the vicinity of what you're aiming at with a freehand, open sight .22 pistol at 150 ft. isn't too shabby (especially when you're near-sighted like me).
  14. I had to file down the front sight on my Rough Rider to bring the POI up because out of the box it was hitting about a foot low at about 20 yards. This is normal SOP for a fixed sight single action revolver, that's one reason the front blade is so darn tall. I remember calling the importer about the accuracy, think it was FIE at the time, and that's what they told me to do before I sent it back. Worked like a charm.