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Just bought a new C9

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I just purchased a C9 that is in new condition and all the paperwork. Can't wait to get out there and feed her a shell or two. And she looks good beside the JHP 45 that I've got. BTW, I gave $140 for it. I know i could have gotten it a little cheaper but it's in my hands now. Thanks for the great forum.
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I would say that $140 is a good price in today economy. Good luck shooting.
Good deal in my area. Have fun!
Yeah I think you done good
thats less then i payed for my c9 and congrats
That's a real good price.

Here in Dallas, the only dealers who have a C9 are asking $249.00.

I bought mine online at HiPointPro, when they had one in stock (most time they show it is backordered). I paid $149.99, plus $20.00 shipping and $35.00 to the local FFL dealer. This is about $205.00. Yours is a good price.
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