Just bought my first Hi point

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  1. Made the jump to a hi point yesterday, i bought a .45 for 184. I did a lot of research and looking threw different sites to see what people had to say abou hi point and they have pretty suprisingly good. I was figuring "it cost less so it must be cheap and crappy" but that hasnt been the case in my experience, "for the most part". I get to pick up my new baby Friday yay. I currently own a beretta 21A and hope that the addition of my first Hi Point will lead to more hi point purchases. So here is to hoping for a great gun to use and carry.
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    Congrats on the 45, you got a good deal at that price. Just be careful of the Hi Point bug, it will bite! Heck I would have at least 2 now already, but the nearest dealer was out of the 45s... :(

  3. i had a choice between the 9mm and the 45. i went with the 45 cause my beretta is a little 22 so i went the huge leap lol. I cant wait to get it but im a little worried at the size of the gun cause i would love to carry it.
  4. Congrats on the Hi-Point and welcome to the forum.
  5. Welcome to the Best "Little" Discussion Group in the world.
  6. That darm HiPoint "BUG" again! :shock:
  7. Congrats on the new 45!!! I discovered a love for shooting on my hi point 40 S&W and now I can't stop buying guns!!!!
  8. Congrats, and welcome to the Hi Point Brotherhood.
  9. Cant wait to take this thing out for nice saturday bonding session lol.