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Just changed out springs in an old 995

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I recently called up HiPoint for an old B series 995 that would not feed from a full factory 10 round magazine.
Last wk I received several items.
A considerably longer recoil spring with a short plastic guide
Two new firing pins and spring assemblies. The assemblies have two springs each instead of one and did not have a collar like the old one and the new springs look stronger. I wonder if they they sent two assemblies for possible breakage.

I also got a new front sight insert. old one was broken

It seems as through it will now feed hollow point judging from just manual cycling of the gun. A woman or child might have some problems working that 995 bolt now with the new springs. Especially locking it back.
This one to remove the slide has a clip to remove rather than pounding out a pin.
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Sometimes it even stung my face a little. Strange.
Shooters with facial hair report getting bitten now and again.
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