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Just changed out springs in an old 995

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I recently called up HiPoint for an old B series 995 that would not feed from a full factory 10 round magazine.
Last wk I received several items.
A considerably longer recoil spring with a short plastic guide
Two new firing pins and spring assemblies. The assemblies have two springs each instead of one and did not have a collar like the old one and the new springs look stronger. I wonder if they they sent two assemblies for possible breakage.

I also got a new front sight insert. old one was broken

It seems as through it will now feed hollow point judging from just manual cycling of the gun. A woman or child might have some problems working that 995 bolt now with the new springs. Especially locking it back.
This one to remove the slide has a clip to remove rather than pounding out a pin.
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I will likely dill a small detent for one of the hex screwa so front sight base does not cant or move
I will mount a red dot in addition to the iron sights. My eyes are old and a red dot would help. I have not yet figured out how to mount one yet. Likely I will remove the sheet metal shroud and relieve the barrel a bit to clamp a base onto the barrel.
Cutting an electrical tape shim for inside the ring will give you enough grip and friction to keep the FSP in place on the off chance you need to adjust it for windage, or ever need to replace it for any reason. That way you're not stuck only adjusting via the rear irons.

Jerry from Longshot Mfg makes rails for the 995B for mounting an RDS, and I can show you how I chopped my factory rear sight body to make room for a 30mm RDS on my 4095.
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