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  1. I have always enjoyed shooting Hi Point firearms but consider them a bit to big for concealed carry. I was wondering if anyone here does conceal carry one?
  2. SWAGA

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    Yes you can and several have.
    Mostly the C9 but on occasion the .40 and .45 also.
    You need a cheap holster and a good belt lol.
    One of the supporting vendors here (Alien Gear) makes very nice IWB holsters.
    I personally don't carry my JHP, it's my nightstand and car trip gun.

  3. tallbump

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    I carry my C(. It is and has been the only thing I have ever carried. Well, I did carry my JCP .40 twice, but it was a bit too much.

    Like SWAGA said, a good belt is a must. I don't necessarily use a "gun belt", but a good quality leather one.

    I do use the Alien Gear IWB holster for most days. Occasionally, for just a quick run to the store, I do use just a cheap Unlce Mikes IWB holster too
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    NE Utah
    I bought the K-Holster for my C9, it was one of the first IWB hybrid types available.

    I "have" carried the C9, but I have better options for that, so I "don't" carry the C9. But I definitely "could", if I wanted or needed to.;)

    This is the CZ-82 in a K-Holster, but I don't have a pic of the C9 in one.

  5. I have concealed a Hi point c9 for a couple years now. I have recently bought a Alien Hear cloak tuck 2.0 iwb. I love the holster and I make sure to wear a looser T shirt but as I'm aware I haven't been printed yet. I usually carry my glock 26 but my wife likes to carry it because it's smaller and she has a purse she can conceal it in. So I usually carry the HI point but I haven't had any problems at all even though it is heavy.
  6. I have carried my room mate's C9 OWB in tall's old belt slide a couple of times, and I carried his old JCP once OWB, but I have found that the shoulder rig for my Hardballer works for it as well. have done it 4 times total since I bought the JCP a few months ago.

    I will admit that I like my Jimenez JA Nine for CC as it is about the same weight as a C9, but it holds 5 more rounds than a C9. Weight and capacity are not issues to me as I have carried an AMT Hardballer or a 6 inch Ruger GP100 for the past 24 years. The JA Nine is just easier to conceal in street clothes than the other options during warm weather.