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    So I recently picked up a used 995TS and did a complete breakdown and cleaning. Removed the iron sights and installed a red dot reflex sight.

    I was wondering, what distance do most of you guys sight your 995's in for? Gonna' be going to the range with it this weekend and looking to get it dialed in.

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    I shoot at an indoor range and I sight mine in at 25 yds. It is very accurate and a lot of fun to shoot.

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    Most people consider the effective range of Pistol Caliber Carbines to be between 25 and 50 yards, though there are obviously some which can realistically push farther than that. Some people, for instance, hunt with lever action rifles chambered in .357 Magnum and .44 Magnum out to 100 yards or more and the M1 carbine, in .30 Carbine (usually argued as a pistol caliber cartridge) it's common to shoot it at 100 yards and hunt deer up to White Tail (with "proper placement" of course).

    But those are other people's carbines. What is your intended purpose for your carbine? Do you want to hunt with it? Will it just be a range-blaster? Do you want to use it for home defense? Do you want to use it for SHTF insurance? Figure out what distance you're most likely to be shooting it at and sight it in for that. For instance, if you want it for Home defense, then sight it in for no more than the maximum distance inside your home. I'm guessing that would be no more than about 30-50'.

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  4. Well, in terms of home defense, it would only come into play after I've exhausted the supply of ammo from my .38 Special revolver, my 9mm pistol and my home security 12 gauge. So in that case, it would be the last line of defense. Unless of course, it happened to be closest at hand in a time of need.

    Other than that, it will be a range/bugout weapon. If pressed into service as a bugout weapon, it would be used for food gathering and potentially, self/home defense as well.

    Is all this too much to ask of what seems to be a versatile firearm.
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    Then define what your expected range is and set the sights for that range.

    9mm is considered marginal as a hunting round. It's too much for most small game and not enough for most larger game. Depending on your chosen cartridge you should be able to take medium to smallish "large game" such as a whitetail with good shot placement. Personally, I find this somewhat weird. I'm not aware of anyplace where it's legal to hunt whitetail (average 150 lbs) with 9mm, but I admit I'm not a deer hunter so I don't keep up with it, however, 9mm with good "defense" ammo is considered sufficient by most for use on humans (average adult U.S. male 195 lbs).

    Seriously, just figure out what your expected distance to target is for your expected use and sight in for that range.

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    Personally i would start around 20 yards to get it on paper and to get use to the new gun, once you get it sighted in at a close range then you can slowly back the target up and adjust as you go. If you cant hit the broadside of a barn at 20 yards then you not going to keep it in the county at 50.
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    IMO, the Hi-Point carbines are fun to shoot, but a true Bug-out weapon should be the smallest, lightest, deadliest, therefore carry more ammo weapon you can find. Mine would be the M&P 15-22 or any number of .22 semi rifles. It is totally deadly out to 100 yds.. I've seen many a deer back in NC taken with .22 lr HP. Also, you can carry 400 rnds of .22 in the same square footage you can carry 100 rnds of 9mm in. If your gonna bug in, well, that's a different story. And that's just my opinion. Feel free to blast away if you disagree. I really don't care.
  8. Mostly agreed. I'd bug in first and move by necessity. I have several neighbors that I shoot with on a regular basis. We all live at the highest point in town and between us, we have quite the arsenal and ammo supply. We could probably hold our position for quite some time.
  9. That's where it's at right now....20 yards and it's a tack driver at that distance! :D
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    NE Utah
    Typical 115 grain 1150 fps 9 mm zeroed at 50 is 6.5" low at 100, but is within 1.5 inches of POA for the first 65-70.

    So...that might work.

    With a 100 yard zero, you get 3.5 inches high and low out to 130 or so yards...that's not so good.