Just Customized the .40 cal

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  1. Just got her done, decided to go with the Olive Green, let me know what you guys think (Thanks for the help Stryker1!)




    I think she'll look better once I put my Uncle Mikes grip sleeve back on, but the paints still a little soft
    I'm also thinking of doing the raised part on the side of the slide green also but I'm not sure, If you photoshop guys could give me a preview that would be awesome
  2. I think you did a fine job on that one. Any more painting on that one and I think it'll be too much. I'd leave it as it is. That's a very clean job you did. Hopefully the finish will hold up. What kind of paint did you use?


  3. nice, it looks sharp.
  4. I picked up the paint at a army surplus store, I hate Krylon Fusion, I used it on my dirt bike plastics as a touch up and it flaked off a week later, I'll post the paint brand tomorrow
  5. Thayldt21

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    I wanna see it after you shoot it. Thats it Call in to work sick to go to the range :p

    Looks real good

    Yes a second look and it does infact look good. I like it.
  6. ab4ka

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    Nice! Definitely gives me ideas. Please let us know what you used!
  7. dalesince1959

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    Good job! Looks great
  8. Nice job! Wish they would offer them with an OD Green frame and perhaps a Desert Tan.
  9. ab4ka

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    You know, it couldn't be any more difficult for Hi-Point to produce the frames in colors than it would be for black. Maybe we should throw some ideas at them.
  10. Krippp

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    beautiful!!!!! i'm a huge fans of od or tan frames and that paint job on yours makes me want a hp .40, i already have an xd .45 tactical with the dark earth frame and I have a glock g21sf ordered with the od frame. but i'm with you, i'd love to see the stripe on the slide in od also
  11. Joe Sixpack

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    nice job, i think maybe its a bit much with the grips though.. i would have broke it up with leaving them black.

    btw did you paint the entire frame even the inside and rails?

    i wanna paint mine so little more details and also let us know how it holds up.
  12. Nice looking pistol, that od is really growing on me.

    I might have to try it myself :)
  13. i taped off the side rails when I did it, and i taped off the indent for the safety, i didn't want paint anywhere that would cause problems with the gun working properly. i over lapped the green up under the slide about 3/16". I also thought about leaving the grips black but i have a rubberized black grip that breaks it up and makes it look sweet, i'll try and post some pics with the grip on. i'm going to sand it all off and start over but i'm going to lay down some adhesion promoter first and hopefully the paint will be a little more solid
  14. That _really_ turned out great; I particularly like how you left the logo black for contrast. We all look forward to more pix!
  15. One word: Glockified. lol.

    I actually like that look better than the OD GLOCK's though. Def +1.
  16. neothespian

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    Awesome work. Love the attention to detail. Keep us posted on more developments... I just LOVE a good mod.
  17. GrOuNd_ZeRo

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    Looks good! i'm not much for OD or tan my self but it did turn out well!

    I am considdering duracoating my pistol and carbine HK Blue/Grey, I think that would look really sharp.

    Do I have to remove the powercoat if I duracoat the slide?
  18. Ari

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    Not from what I read, from what I have read you can even use duracoat on wood,