Just exactly how badarse is this?!?!?!?!

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  1. WOW If I live another 30 years maybe they will come down in price so I can afford one. Me Wants!!!!!!

  2. Space

    Space Member

    That's pretty cool. Kinda steep at 2900
  3. Not really when you think about the fact that you would have something that only a few people have. That puts in a coolness factor. ;)
  4. bobm

    bobm Member

    I have many more important things I could spend that money on other than that.
  5. You have to be a original Star Wars fan to appreciate them toys.
  6. Very cool and overpriced. If only I could have been the first to have that back in 1977...oh, wait
  7. I never said I would buy one, I just think they're cool looking.
  8. If I had the money laying around, I would buy one. Just for the hell of it. If only it did television too.
  9. I think its quite awesome.

    Except that its using an old dvd player, needs to be updated with blueray or something.
  10. wd6bgn

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    I wonder if it would chase the cat?
  11. Probably give the old thing a heart attack... LOL!
  12. Could you imagine the look on your neighbors face when you went for a walk with it LOL
  13. elguapo

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    not a scifi geek, but yeah, its pretty cool
  14. Strangerous

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    Isn't is sad that Japanese folks have to be careful when they watch their cartoons??? Most have warnings like "You may have seizures while watching this anime flick." I don't think R2D2 will make you have a heart attack... but a seizure is possible.
  15. neothespian

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    Oh HELL yeah! Mate that with a Roomba vaccum cleaner, webcam and WiFi relay for real time video and you got the REAL R2D2!!
  16. bombadillo

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    Nah, it had hookups for dvi in and for psp which play in 1080p. It also had high resolution for a projector which is pretty good but not quite hd in my opinion.