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    do a site search for .223 or 5.56 ammo on Cheaper than dirt and look what comes up !!!! :eek::( , yep the searches come up with none and last night i checked and almost every .223 or 5.56 i did a search for had a "no longer available and to send your email so you can be notified if/when it does become available

    doesn't that sound strange that they would do this !!:confused::confused: ,maybe they know of an impending ammo ban for AR 15 rifles !!! . I'm glad i'm getting a AR10 so i don't have to worry about ammo shortages for the AR15 platform
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    I believe they are burning the candle at both ends. They tripled their price right as the ban scare dropped and made plenty of money. Now everyone else is pretty much sold out so they're holding their remaining stock back playing the angle on two options. A: It will get dropped back in stock right before the ATF announces their decision, or B: they are betting that it DOESN'T get banned. Either way they can drop it right back on the market for the same tripled price, if not higher, and sell out on the rush for it from the people that still think CTD is an awesome company to buy from.


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    Was at my local Wal-Mart and their ammo case was full of Federal Lake city 5.56 NATO xm 193 55 grain ammo . They had (10)120rd boxes so I bought two of them . They also had (20) 90 rd count Federal xm193 black boxes
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    Both of my Wally worlds have quite a bit of XM193, M855, and SS109 in stock. They just added it to the 2 box limit list with the .22. Basically they are bringing it out 6 or 8 boxes at a time so people don't see the full stash and do the 'call your family' BS.
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    Cheaper than dirt has always been questionable in their marketing tactics. While they do sell some real cool stuff, and much of it is reasonably priced, guns and ammo is where they make most of their money, and they have a nasty habit of riding trends for all they can squeeze out of it.
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    CTD pulled some real asshat moves during the Questionable Sandy Hook Media event, crazy price hike,cancelling paid for sale's and refusing to honor any discounts earned.
    Don't get me wrong making a profit is what makes America the place to start a business but CTD has decided every time to screw over anyone dumb enought to shop with them.
    It's an Obama sponsered .223 buying panic that will cause everyone to start buying whatever they find and once again empty the shelves.
    Lets see Obama Ban sticks and rocks cause these have killed more people than over the years.
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    I've seen a couple stories in the media where they talk about the possible ban on M855 as "COULD THIS BE THE END OF THE AR15 RIFLE?" Give me a break. The M855/SS109 is just one bullet/projectile. How many different variations of the 5.56/.223 ammo is there? Also, how many different calibers has the AR15 been chambered in? The only thing that would end the AR15, and most every other gun, would be a total ban, and mandatory turn in, of all lead. It would take the EPA to do that.

    Honestly, I think this whole thing is to make it look like the government is trying to do something about guns. If nothing happens and it doesn't get banned, then the anti-gun crowd can blame it on the NRA.
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    They'll just make projectiles out of something else.
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    I have a few hundred rounds of green tip, but I mainly have other varieties just because the green tip is restricted from use on some ranges. Also, 55 grain ammo is cheaper than 62 grain ammo. I'm not a fan of capricious restrictions, but running out to load up on a type of ammo that doesn't exactly suit my needs is foolish.

    I wonder how many of the panic buyers really had green tip ammo as their go-to variety before this ban was announced.
  10. Rachgier

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    About as many as there were who suddenly realized they needed a 100,000 round stockpile of .22.

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    You've got that right.
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    M855 , SS109 and M193 are nice to have for a SHTF scenario as they are mission specific ammo and all can be used for barrier penetration
  14. Rachgier

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    True, but they over-sensationalized the effects of this ammo by deeming it evil thus creating an artificially inflated sense of urgency in the general public to buy some.

    I don't know about you, but come SHTF/TEOTWAWKI times, my mission is to minimize outside contact and not let people build barriers outside of my house.

    Of course, now I'm in the same boat as you with my new upper looking for the right weight 5.56 round to send downrange with a 16" 1:7 barrel.
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    Just found some Silver State Armory 5.56 nato both 64 and 77 grain on CTD . This is for tactical use or range plinking and will penetrate windshields and car doors without fragmentation . CTD says "coming soon"
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    Yeah, but I don't care about the tactical features. Regardless of function, it's all just marketing fluff to sell more ammo. I just want to find a few commercially available rounds that work the best with my barrel, then tailor loads that fine tune it to work even better. Then I'll stock up on the factory stuff to have on standby in case I don't have time to hand roll a ton of ammo for the range that day and to have fresh brass available when I need it.

    I mean think about it, newer cars have stronger supports in the doors with thinner skins. Glass is being laminated more heavily for safety in a crash. I'm running in to it more and more in the FD. They have made these support structures stronger than some of our tools can cut and/or spread causing us to go to systems running higher pressure for more force.

    I'm not trying to discount your reasoning behind your choice in ammo, I'm just saying that I'm not looking to punch through glass and car doors anytime soon so my ammo choice isn't going to take that in to account.
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    To buy or not to buy, that is the question.

    I had a nice, custom made AR-15 with bull barrel that I gave to my son, a veteran of Kuwait, Iraq, and Afghanistan. I spent my time filling my safe with other niceties, but alas, I wanted to get another AR-15 and decided on the Ruger SR556. The very day I was ready to hit the "Buy Now" button, I saw the crap the feds are rolling downhill towards us. I decided it was best to hold off on my purchase until I know whether or not it is simply going to be a "wall hanger".
    I understand that with most AR-15s the upper receiver and barrel can be replaced with one chambered for .308, in essence giving one two rifles for less than the price of two. Has anyone heard of this being done with the Ruger?

    Thanks guys. :confused:
  18. USMC_VET

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    yes you can have a 6.5 grendel ,6.8spc , .300 , .223 or a 5.56 upper for your Ruger SR556 but you can't use a .308 upper as the lower will not work with the .308 upper especially the magwell
  19. USMC_VET

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    what gets me is if they're trying to ban 5.56 nato rds then why are they allowing this ammo to the general public . basically the same style ammo as a M855 rd

    this ammo is to be available soon at CTD ..

    here's some of the description of this ammo

  20. MXGreg

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    They are not trying to ban 5.56 NATO rounds, they are trying to ban the M855/SS109 bullets that have the steel penetrator tip in the core. No other NATO rounds are affected.