Just founds these safes they look cool

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  1. My ex-bro in-law installed a similar inside the wall safe after someone broke in his house and carter off his stand up sheet metal type gun locker. Only thing about these safes is they dont hold a lot of guns, so if you have a large collection you may need more than one or use it for your most valuable one's.


  2. That is pretty cool looking. If you could do it on a larger scale like deeper into the wall that would be really cool.
  3. Ya know, I wonder what it would take to install a internal wall safe like you see on Men In Black..... With the sliding wall panels and the remote control and the flashy thingy that makes people forget that you were even there...... Just a thought....
  4. What flashy thingy...you DIDN'T flashy thingy me, did you?