Just got 995 back from BeeMiller

Discussion in 'Hi-Point Carbines' started by officerdave, Jan 28, 2008.

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    Just got my 995 back from BeeMiller. All new parts including the original stock and my ATI loose in the box. They say do not use the ATI and it will feed fine. Going back to the range this week at quals, so I will see. I am guessing with the issues I have had, our firearms LT. is not going to let me carry the 995 in my squad. Oh well no rifle for me I am not paying 700-1000 for an AR clone.

    Officer Dave

    Alive and well on the plains of Illinios :?
  2. Well let us know how it shoots. Hope he lets you in the stack with a long gun.......

  3. officerdave leave it in the factory stock and let it speak for itself. You may have been one of the few ones that it was a mistake to change stocks.

    Tell him that you made a mistake in changing stocks, that was not the guns fault, and ask for a revaluation with the factory one. You and I both know its a good gun and would be an asset to you.
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    Can I have your stock? :D
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    How is it that an ATI stock would cause the 995 not to feed ammo properly?
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    Very sloppy mag well??